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  • On a luxury high

    The luxury market never seems to stop expanding, whether it’s charging £500 for a Vetements hoodie or £2000 for a Gucci...

    Nelly GergiMarch 17, 2017
  • Jourdan Dunn X Missguided

    The new Lon Dunn and Missguided collection captivates the spirit of female empowerment, celebrating the active but stylish woman. Dunn states...

    Trevisha QuashieMarch 17, 2017
  • France’s new fashion museum to open in Paris

    Already considered the Fashion Museum of Paris due to its numerous temporary fashion exhibitions, the Palais Galliera is to become the...

    Diana Andrada PirteMarch 16, 2017
  • Lucky Blue to be baby daddy

    Lucky Blue Smith, 18, and his gorgeous model girlfriend, Stormi Bree, 26, are expecting their first child together. The couple broke...

    Akshay Amon VajaMarch 16, 2017
  • Nike just does it again

    Nike has taken the top spot for the world’s most valuable apparel brand, acccording to Brand Finance, being valued at US$32...

    Dido Olivia JanesMarch 16, 2017
  • Are your skinny jeans giving you back ache?

    The British Chiropractic Association released a statement this week suggesting popular items of clothing can be causing strain on our backs....

    Jessica Summer AshbyMarch 16, 2017


  • Fashion
    Leomie Anderson talks diversity, feminism and fashion

    Monday March 13 saw the newly launched ‘Women’s Space’ in Carlos Place Mayfair. Housing a small amount of guests for a...

    Senzeni Kristina NdebeleMarch 17, 2017
  • Fashion
    Spider silk threads into the sustainable web

    Better known as the sticky webs spun by spiders, spider silk is a protein fibre produced in order to allow the...

    Hanna Beatrix Ollivier De LethMarch 17, 2017
  • Fashion
    The British invasion continues Stateside

    Despite its large, domestic spectrum of influential designers, it seems that the American interest in overseas fashion has not sunk. While...

    Hanna Beatrix Ollivier De LethMarch 16, 2017
  • Fashion
    Supreme X Lacoste

    Brand of the moment Supreme’s latest collaboration is with luxe sport label Lacoste. The collection sees a crossover between different sporting styles, mixing Lacoste’s preppy, tennis-inspired...

    Jessica Summer AshbyMarch 16, 2017
  • Fashion
    Nubian Skin launches footwear collection

    This week sees the launch of a footwear collection from Nubian Skin founder Ade Hassan, who aims to offer products that complements...

    Melanie Valerie Inkoom LarsenMarch 16, 2017
  • Fashion
    Mango launches sustainable collection

    High Street retailer Mango has taken a step towards the future of sustainable fashion by launching a 45-piece collection, called Committed. Set at a...

    Thomas James Ramsay MarringtonMarch 16, 2017


  • Art
    UAL to host Tom Cardwell: Bad Patch

    Bad Patch, an exhibition curated by UAL’s Tom Cardwell, will showcase a series of paintings which depict the customised ‘battle jackets’,...

    Benjamin John HammondMarch 17, 2017
  • Features
    The real lessons of fashion school

    It’s been two and a half years since I started my Bachelor’s degree at LCF and it’s almost come to an...

    Amita Kundlani SundraniMarch 17, 2017
  • Features
    The future of fashion

    As we sign off from our duties for _shift we didn’t want to leave you completely in the lurch, so please...

    Emma Marie GibbonsMarch 17, 2017
  • Features
    The 5 best of the worst celebrity novels

    1. Rebels: City of Indra by Kylie and Kendall Jenner Best Worst Amazon Review: “Awful, cack, rubbish, tripe, garbage, insulting, embarrassing, boring,...

    Thomas James Ramsay MarringtonMarch 17, 2017
  • Features
    Jess Brittain set to release BBC series Clique

    TV writer Jess Brittain is back with a new six-part fantasy thriller, Clique, created for the BBC. The new series is based on...

    Senzeni Kristina NdebeleMarch 17, 2017
  • Features
    Organic beauty is here to stay

    Organic and planet-friendly products are becoming more sought after. The beauty industry has an abundance of brands that are trying to...

    Camilla Jane GeeMarch 17, 2017