We pick the top products from REM Beauty Chapter 2

After the success of REM Beauty’s first drop last November, fans have been patiently waiting to see what new products they will release. Well, the wait is over. REM beauty’s Chapter 2 is available for purchase.

REM beauty is a vegan and cruelty-free makeup and skincare line created by music artist Ariana Grande. The singer has come out with a second collection just in time for spring. It was released online on the REM website on March 31 and as a result was finally put in physical stores on April 17. 

The first chapter called Ultraviolet consisted of twelve different products. This includes highlighters, liquid eyeshadows, eyeliner marker, lipsticks etc. Its packaging followed an electric outer space theme. This second chapter is titled Goodnight n Go after one of her songs from her 2018 Sweetener album.

In an interview with Allure magazine, Grande said: “I think the reason why ‘Goodnight N Go’ ended up being the name for this chapter was that some of the lavender and the mist and some of the wellness aspects to these prep items come with a sense of calm and cozy.” It consists of eight new products; Midnight Shadows eye shadow palette, metallic gel eye shadow and eye shadow gloss, the dream false lashes, the eclipse cheek and lipstick, flourishing lash and brow serum, mist thing calming face mist and the full night’s sleep cooling blurring underlie balm.

Sarah Wolak, is a TikToker and makeup artist, whose REM chapter 2 unboxing video accrued 2.5 million views. She says: “She [Grande] took in all the comments her audience gave and put them into perspective. Her second drop was exactly what everyone wanted from her the first time round. I truly admire that REM beauty takes their feedback personally.” 

Midnight Shadows Eye Shadow Palette

The eyeshadow palettes are definitely some of our favourite  products from the collection. Available in three different colour ranges;  Gogo Boots (purples, pinks and neutrals0, Smitten Kitten (greens, baby reds and pinks), and Groovy Baby (beiges and bright purple). The image above is Smitten Kitten. We posted a poll on Instagram to see which palette was the most popular. Smitten Kitten took the win with 52%.

The Eclipse Cheek and Lipstick

The perfect product for a natural glow. Eclipse is available in ten dashing different shades. It’s one of the easiest products to apply.  You can rub it on your cheeks and lips.  Sarah Wolak commented: “The packaging, formula and shade range is absolutely beautiful. It’s everything I’d want from a blush and more.”

 Calming Face Mist

If you are looking for a new facial spray to spice up your skin care routine, this product is for you.  The product is synthetic fragrance free. Instead its scent is made up by real lavender oil, as the ingredient list attests.

Dream Lashes

The Dream Lashes have made a return with new different styles.  Daydreamin lashes are ideal for a fuller glammed-up look. Provocateur would suit an effortless, natural look. The image above is Daydreamin.

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