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Solitude Series

A photo-series reflecting on the individual representation of similar emotions

The Solitude Series is a collaboration between Sofia Piza-Hernandez and Huda Durrani.

We were both inspired to do a photoshoot which presented what many of us are doing at this very moment: staying at home. The impact the pandemic has had on all of our mental health is a discussion happening more openly, so we wanted to share two different perspectives on this.

The idea was to use our personal space and light, or lack of light, to present the highs and lows of the past year. A personal space can present safety and something that we are familiar with, but it can also become a place where we feel our lowest.

Whilst it is important for all of us to find safety and comfort in our surroundings, it is just as important to find safety and comfort in our bodies. These images present an exploration between the physical and mental, and how barriers can form in between, creating what may be perceived as challenges by some, or opportunities for art and self-expression for others.   


Photographed by Huda Durrani and Amaia Navarro

Edited by Sofia Piza-Hernandez and Huda Durrani

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