TikTok’s viral fleece-lined tights

TikTok is the ultimate platform to find new hacks, and as Christmas is approaching, let us take a look at the fleece-lined tights that only cost a tenner!

TikTokers are describing these tights as being their number one winter must-have. The faux translucent fleece tights come in different colours and are being sold on Amazon for just £9.99. They are all over TikTok, so you can get a lot of inspiration on how to wear and style them.

You can pick a colour of your choice, with most people going for black, beige or grey (although it’s worth noting that the range of shade options available isn’t particularly impressive or extensive right now). Then – and this is where the ‘hack’ element comes into play for keeping extra warm this winter season – we’re advised to pop on a pair of our regular go-to black or skin-coloured tights over the top for optimal results.

@sandysprosium Winter Fashion Hack! #winterfashiontips #fleecelinedleggings #fashionhack #midwestfashion #amazonmusthaves #amazonfinds #foryou #fypシ #amazonfavorites ♬ I Hate U – SZA

The fleece-lined tights beneath do not only provide immense warmth from the cold, but are also impossible to detect beneath your regular tights, by giving the illusion of a standard pair of tights.

For those who don’t want to wear trousers or a midi skirt in the winter, this is the perfect way to ensure that the weather doesn’t force you to give up on your mini skirts.

Click here to check out your new winter wardrobe staple.

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