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Three skin-out fashion trends to chase

Get ready to expose your skin when we can finally meet inside from May 17

We are all ready to get back inside and indulge in our favourite meals and drinks without feeling the piercing breeze of the lovely UK weather.

As May 17 approaches _shift brings you three skin-out trends to try now that we are on the verge of being able to be back in the comfort of indoor heating and can show off our gorgeous outfits.


Coronavirus has had us in lockdown and in sweats for too long now, and the urge to embrace our inner sexy is coming to an all-time peak. The resurrection of the cut-out trend is the perfect way to step  back into civilisation – and look incredible while doing so. Our curves and crevices need to be on show, and Instagram brands like Bad Society Club and Sodah Brand are a go-to for this stunning trend.

Image courtesy of @badsocietyclub via Instagram

Image courtesy of @sodahbrand via Instagram

All mesh

A cheeky bit of mesh is not foreign to our wardrobes. However this year we are mixing that with abstract prints and colours. Again, embracing the sexiness that has been in lockdown for over a year, this subtle tease is one way to get you ready for May 17. As a perfect way to transition into a holiday season, we are crossing our fingers that we can pack our mesh and fly out.

Image courtesy of @prettylittlething via Instagram

Lace-up jeans

Denim is definitely a fashion product that can be repurposed in any direction, and this 2000s trend hit us without a warning here at _shift. It’s always great to be able to spice up your denim collection with new silhouettes and designs, however, the lace-up jean adds a splash of sexy just where it’s needed. Perfect for a brunch moment with a cute top and heel, or this trend can be dressed down and work with a graphic tee and sneakers. Whichever way this style is carried, it’s sure to catch attention with the perfect amount of skin on show ready for summer and freedom.

@shopsamarialeah via Instagram

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