Aitana Soriano’s style advice

There is no doubt that TikTok has become one of our primary sources of inspiration. The social media platform has given many people the opportunity to share their style among thousands of others. Aitana Soriano is one of those people.

Aitana Soriano is an 18-year-old TikToker from Valencia Spain who is best known for producing fashion and lifestyle content. She started gaining followers during the pandemic when she went abroad for her exchange year and shared her journey on her socials. She currently has over 800k followers on TikTok and nearly 400k on Instagram. She has collaborated with brands such as Zadig & Voltaire, Subdued, Noon, etc.


January is that never-ending month of the year which always seems to drag on. So why not make it a bit more interesting? Why not treat yourself to something new?

_shift caught up with Aitana to find out what fashion staples she is loving at the moment.

New Balance Sneakers

Image courtesy of New Balance

The former known ‘dad brand’ that has returned as one of the trendiest sneaker brands of the moment. All the celebs are wearing them! We have seen them on Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, Emily Ratakowski etc. They are the perfect combination of cute but comfortable. This nude, creamy colour makes them adaptable to almost any outfit. You can easily pair them with your favourite jeans or even dress them up with a cute co-ord. They really are how Aitana says: “brutal”. 

Subdued Balaclava’s

Image courtesy of Subdued

How about ditching your woolly hats and scarves and switching them up for a new balaclava. They are an easy way to add an extra layer during this winter. Subdued offers various different colours and styles. We saw lots of balaclava’s dominating the runways of major fashion houses like Loewe, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy for AW22. Next time you go shopping be sure to pick one out.

Zadig & Voltaire Le Cecilia Bag 

Image courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire

Having one good quality statement bag really makes a difference, and nothing says statement like a leather shoulder bag. The ‘Cecilia’ bag has a unique design, its handle slips into a tied knot. Aitana received this bag for Christmas, she posted her opening the bag on TikTok for all her fashion lovers to see. It is the perfect bag to wear on a night out. Add a mini dress and a leather jacket and you’re all set.

Adidas Gazelle x Gucci

Image courtesy of Gucci

You can never have too many sneaker options. With spring just round the corner adding some colour to your wardrobe can make all the difference. There is nothing that compares with the feeling you get than wearing a new clean pair of kicks. This collaboration has also come out with various different colours like browns and whites. When two powerhouses like Adidas and Gucci come together you really can’t pass up on them.

Noon Cargo Trousers

Image courtesy of Noon

The cargo trousers are one of those trends that you promised yourself you’d never fall into but ended up buying in almost every colour. They may not look promising at first, but once you own them there’s no going back. Noon is a Spanish brand that sells lots of trendy chic clothing. If you’re interested in purchasing a new affordable pair of cargos why not give these a go.

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