Apujan SS23 Collection

Apujan as a label is renowned for integrating patterns and knitwear techniques to portray themes of fantasy and literature, designer Apu Jan’s SS23 collection is no exception to the rule. Bold prints stole the digital show with striking hues of blues and greens but without forgetting the importance of a monochrome look.

APUJAN look 1

The video named Fantasy Hotel in the Sky combines fashion with drama including Taiwanese actors and musicians, capturing a new theme for the fashion brand. Apu Jan often uses inspiration from a list of books per show, often classic mystery and detective novels. This season the detective theme remains with character and accessory influences from the Chinese classic Journey to the West such as Tiangong (Sky Palace) embroidery.

APUJAN look 2

Using a video rather than a traditional fashion show gives the garments and accessories a new level of personality as you associate the garment with the characters. Since the digitalisation of London Fashion Week in 2020 Apujan has released five digital fashion videos, the creative take on showing their new collection is engaging and imaginative which all have a deeper story past the clothes.

Knitted sweaters, suits, dresses, printed shirts and gowns are all among the 30 sets of new clothing featured in the fashion video. However: “there will be even more ready-to-wear items released on their website that were not included,” noted in their press release. In addition, traditional oriental clothing details, such as cheongsam collars and unilateral slits, remain on his gowns and dresses.


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