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Meet the Argentinian brand combining sustainability and style

Baumm recycles parachutes into streetwear drops

Lucas Desimone founded Baumm in 2005, and the streetwear brand merges his love for recycled materials and design. He created Baumm to honour design in all of its forms and to achieve independence.

The designer found this liberty through the use of repurposed materials and believes that it is a responsible way to continue creating and keeping his team active and excited about the brand’s ever-changing designs. 

16 years ago, Lucas decided to take a leap of faith and create a brand that would pay homage to materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. Recycling old parachute material is what has finally put Baumm on the map. “We started with various materials before the parachute. In all of them we found wealth but also discovered clear limitations when designing, producing, and selling,” the designer recalls.

Then the breakthrough came. “In 2009 we found paragliders and parachutes. What makes me go crazy for it is its identity, its previous life, and the entire universe that it contributes to, allowing me to create ground-breaking products. It’s a very playful way of designing,” he says. 

Baumm recycled parachute jackets, 2019

The Argentinian designer finds pleasure in giving new life to materials that would otherwise be considered trash: “There is great satisfaction in recovering materials and giving them a new use, stretching out their participation in space.”

Besides the obvious environmental factor, Lucas also mentions how he benefits from using these recycled fabrics. “It is a technical material that would otherwise be very difficult and expensive to use. They are mainly manufactured for extreme sports and this makes it an extremely expensive technology to recreate,” Lucas explains.

But he has found a way to hack the system. Baumm searches for parachute backpacks used in sport, and uses the materials found when they are disposed of. Baumm does not have to create the material from scratch or spend money doing so because they simply take things that were already destined for their end. This is what morally drives Lucas to continue his search for precious materials that allow for liberty and reinvention. 

Baumm launch Tokyo, Japan, 2020

Basic parachute and paragliding material isn’t all that Baumm has used to create its magnificent jackets and bags. Lucas Desimone shares the most extravagant material that he has used to date. “In some jackets, we use a transparent latex that is found inside kitesurf equipment. It is a latex that inflates and generates a ribcage effect, giving it structure. When I discovered it, I immediately thought of using it to make the garments transparent. Another great material that I reused were some orange balloons that are utilized to measure the wind, these are called weather vanes.” Weather vanes are used to measure the direction and power of the wind at any given moment. These are used in kitesurfing material to give wind resistance and structure to the kite that is commonly flown in the air whilst the athlete is placed on the water. 

Baumm is the type of brand that lives in the now.  Lucas wishes to continue the habit of recycling because he believes that it is an innovative way to design. Even though Baumm has found success within its current materials, the brand will not stop searching for new mediums to use across their garments. “It is always a wish of mine to find new materials to use and we are ambitious to discover them. I understand that the space industry generates some technical materials that I would love to find,” Desimone mentions. 

Baumm material recycling process, 2020

The designer is excited to explore the space industry and its innovative materials that have historically allowed for astronauts’ success in the outside world. Diverse materials can be found everywhere, such as Mars pathfinder airbags that are made up of unique and protective materials and have been included in all pathfinders since 1997. Recycled materials from old spacesuits can also be a form of matter that allows for liberty and creative expression by designers and creatives alike. 

With endless possibilities and open minds for what is to come, the team at Baumm will continue to innovate and search for new ways to create ingenious garments. Their ultra-lightweight jackets and bags are all created as numbered 1/1 unique pieces that can be ordered now through the web store. Baumm products can also be found in select stores worldwide.  

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