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Cardi B’s Paris Fashion Week takeover

Some of Cardi B’s best looks for PFW make headlines as she steals the show with extravagant style

Paris Fashion Week came to an end this week and we still cannot take Cardi B’s avant-garde fashion looks off our minds. We saw her in all-Richard Quinn monochromatic looks to an extravagant sequin archival Mugler gown and finally adorned in Schiaparelli’s signature jewellery.

Cardi B is famous for her very eccentric and unique persona that translates into her style. However, we saw her take it to another level for Paris Fashion Week with the help of celebrity stylist, Kollin Carter, and we have to give it to her because she had us all captivated with each look.

Let’s take a look at Cardi’s coolest looks for PFW:

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