Coachella 2023 festival style

Coachella’s street style culture thrives on the notion that there are no boundaries when it comes to styling an outfit. Self-expression, style, and creativity run free, and culture is increasingly all-inclusive. This year marked the first ever year to have a Korean artist, BLACKPINK, and Latin artist, Bad Bunny, as the headline acts.

The festival, held near Palm Springs, California, evokes a sense of endless summer and has evolved into a style, culture, and influencer hub, with over 250,000 attending this year.

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There’s a reason that Coachella has been dubbed the ‘influencer Olympics’ and the ‘influencer Met Gala’. The important thing to note – is not the stars themselves – but the effect that Coachella’s hyper-influencer culture has on the street style.

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Coachella truly sets the tone for festival style and street style alike for the rest of the festival season. “It has its own distinct edgy desert style,” says celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart. Unlike the extravagant costume styling outfits seen in previous years, this year was different. With a stronger sense of individualistic street style, she identified “a lot of focus on cowboy boots”.

If there’s one thing you should take away from Coachella 2023, it’s that you need to buy a pair of cowboy boots ASAP. No ifs, no buts. Why cowboy boots? Regardless of the final look, they work. From leather to suede, brown to black or white, they prevent your outfit from being rigidly confined to a specific style.

Cowboy boots were seen on almost everyone, from Negin Mirsalehi to Paris Hilton. To complete the look many festival goers opted for the full look, including the cowboy hat.

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Crochet had a major stamp of approval and was styled in colour, monotone, on more crochet, with sequins and so on. Supermodel, Alessandria Ambrosio was seen in top-to-toe, 70s inspired crochet. Meanwhile, Ex Love-Islander, Tasha Ghouri was sporting a matching mini skirt and butterfly crochet top in shades of blue. Festival-goer Isaac Choi opted for cowboy boots and rainbow crochet shorts in an overall metallic theme.

Image courtesy of Jazmin Marie Holbrook Amelia Gray Hamlin in all denim for Coachella 2023

Denim-on-denim dominated. Fierce, cohesive looks were styled by model Amelia Gray Hamlin and Jazmin Marie Holbrook. The latter  – like many who attended Coachella this year – did not shy away from the complete double-denim look.

Cowboy boots, but make them denim. Paired with classic denim shorts, and a denim biker jacket couldn’t scream desert style any better.

Coachella 2023 continues to set its own street style rules and sets a high bar for the up-and-coming festival season.

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