Corvidae: a look inside the enigma

A look inside the emerging London streetwear brand[…]

London streetwear brand Corvidae has become one of the main staples of UK underground fashion culture since its creation in 2020, and has now amassed nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Although people can recognise the iconic ‘C’ emblem from a mile away, not much is known about the people behind the brand, let alone its origins and ethos. With that in mind I headed over to the brand’s HQ in Shepherd’s Bush, where we dug a little more into how the brand was born.

“We wanted to wear clothes that we couldn’t find, so we simply made them ourselves,” said one of the founders. This ethos comes through across the collection. These are not clothes designed to follow any trends, but to set them. But in that case, where does the inspiration come from? “It came from exposure to the world,” said the co-founder.

Corvidae was created by its two owners who originally met on Facebook fashion groups. I wanted to get more personal and wondered whether the duo behind the brand had an end goal. “We don’t visualise an end as we want it to grow and scale as much as possible, we want it to be never-ending,” they told me.

Probing further, I asked about whether they had personal ambitions. “Financial stability or an infinite budget to propose my creative vision,” was their response. It was interesting to see how infinite and never-ending were recurring themes with both answers.

Photo courtesy of Corvidae

The founders are keen to foreground the products over their personalities: “I do not want to be known, the products should sell themselves,” says one of the founders, echoing a decision that the entire inner circle are sticking to. “Clothes are clothes, let them be themselves,” was something they said that stuck with me, meaning any narrative that they want to push is communicated through clothing and clothing alone. This is taken further by the absence of any people linked to the brand, with the anonymity adding a sense of mystery and enigma. It really is just about the clothes.

Intrigued shoppers and Instagram followers definitely have a view of the brand from the outside looking in, but I wanted to hear their perspective: was the brand any different from the inside looking out?

“We just want to dress people in the way we like to dress, we are building a repertoire of clothes we like to wear in the exact fitment we have,” says the co-founder, making the brand somewhat noble in what it serves as – a bridge between the creator and consumer.

I had also asked one of their models Hazz Hermés, (pictured in the images) how his experience modelling for Corvidae has been. He said: “It has been an honour shooting with the Corv boys for a while. They are people who genuinely care about fashion and its impact on the youth whilst still being playful and not taking themselves too seriously. The future is CRV.”

The name Corvidae refers to the family of birds that include crows and ravens. This is perhaps unintentionally linked through the glossy black outer that the brand’s iconic coats and the birds share. “The name came from the first company I had made as a kid,” says the co-founder, “it was selected out of a dictionary. Once I had sold that original company, I kept the name and moved onto this.”

Upon hearing about the origin of the brand, I realised the questions had come full circle and decided it would be a good place to end the interview. The view from the office allowed you to see a lot of West London, it was clear it was bound to rain due to the colour of the clouds – although the crows outside didn’t seem to mind. It was great spending the day at the office, and I was more than honoured to host a Corvidae interview. 

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