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Magazine Crude Futures has just dropped it’s Spring 2024 issue. It’s the year 2103 and the world is in a bleak state. Turmoil seems to lurk around every corner and the harsh realities are difficult to digest. Children are dying, the climate is at a freak point and, wait…this sounds like 2024? 

The magazine boldly embraces this truth, not only acknowledging the relentless storm of today’s world but confronting it head-on. In a world teetering on the brink of crisis, Crude Futures is truly a testament to the resilience of human spirit rallying for change.

Born from the shared vision among a group of like-minded individuals who met on the Discord server of the New Models podcast during the lockdown, the genesis of Crude Futures finds its roots in spirited discussions among its founding members. These interactions blossomed into this self-proclaimed “collapse” zine – a platform dedicated to exploring all the cataclysmic forces that unfortunately seem to be shaping our world. 

One of the founders, Mina Milla, says: “Crude Futures started as an online reading group in lockdown. We met weekly to discuss articles and research on the subject of collapse – environmental, social, political, biological. Two years later, we decided to do a week-long residency in France and to produce this magazine.”

Divided into four compelling categories – Energy, Institutions, Nightmares, and Readiness – Crude Futures offers a panoramic view of our turbulent reality from the mere turn of the first page. Beginning each section with an article from a different year—2103, 2068, 2041—yet grounding its bibliography in 2019, the magazine skilfully blends speculative insight with historical context. 

“As a group we don’t have a cohesive viewpoint on collapse, so we don’t about audience either,” says Milla. “Some of us wanted the magazine to present our knowledge to important people in our lives in a digestible format, to combat inaction and a feeling of pervasive doom. How would you explain this to a family member, say, or a friend?

Crude Futures is available for purchase on the New Models shop and as part of Stack magazine’s esteemed yearly subscription. Steve Watson, the director of Stack Magazine, praises the zine for its ground-breaking approach, describing it as the first publication that’s “dedicated entirely to the subject of collapse” according to his editorial letter, sent with each Stack mail out. He goes on to assure readers that within Crude Futures‘ pages, they will encounter perspectives on the myriad ways in which our world is falling apart.

Not exactly Buzz Feed quizzes, I guess.

While the zine’s first issue debuted in the Summer of 2023, the urgency of its message has not waned. As the Spring 2024 edition hits shelves, the content includes the dire discussions from the climate crisis to the ‘Applied Collapsology in Palestine.’ With articles titled ‘Fuck the Future!’ this unapologetically bleak magazine leaves no stone unturned in its quest to shed light on the dark shadows of global turmoil. 

While other publications may drown readers in statistics and soundbites, Crude Futures cuts through the clutter, offering a visceral understanding of the future that awaits if we remain complacent. As Watson aptly puts it in his letter: “The collapse depicted within its pages may seem daunting, but it serves as a vital tool for understanding the world as it is right now.”

So, why not trade the endless scroll of online activism for a glimpse of reality through the lens of Crude Futures? After all, awareness is the first step toward meaningful change—and this magazine delivers it with a healthy dose of brutal honesty.

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