Diesel’s says merry XXXmas in new Holiday campaign

Diesel’s plays on the adult film trope for the festive season

Holidays are usually filled with the common gaudy gimmicks and tear-jerking advertisements that only seem to hit home for people our parent’s age. This holiday season, however, Diesel has wished us a very merry XXXMAS by taking gaudy to a new level.

Taking a spin on the family holiday, Diesel’s 2023 Holiday campaign has played upon some of classic film tropes, adult film that is. Think lonely housewives, a plumber bending over to fix the sink, busty mechanics, and the list goes on.

However, imagine in this porno every actor is decked out in double denim numbers, and leather mini skirts. With cameos of its iconic 1DR bags. You could say they’re really putting the capital D into Diesel.

Image courtesy of Diesel

Those of us who are chronically online will recognise some of the models. Musician BabyMorocco sits on the bed in the first promotional image. This is perfect timing after the recent release of Jockstrap’s remix album he is featured on.

If we take away the gaudy fonts, raunchy set-ups and breast augmentations, we see those popstar silhouettes highlighted in the campaign. The leather mini dresses are perfect for influencers like Gabriette Bechtel to sport in a Christmassy cooking video. Double denim plays a main feature within the campaign too, very Britney- talk about “the woman in me”.

Porn star, Gay Icon and renowned ‘C*ck Destroyer’ Rebecca Moore sits front and centre. Moore has become an icon in her own right after multiple snippets of her went viral on Twitter over the past few years.

Diesel has added a new element of kitsch to the holidays with this campaign. Once again celebrating “the freak”, with a new air of whimsy and innuendo not played with before.

Image courtesy of Diesel

Glenn Martens has made Diesel a powerhouse, using this shock factor to draw eyes. Even the most conservative of us, can’t deny this campaign is a well produced, campy, 2000s heaven.

With a kinky set and perfectly cast models, the campaign is a nice nod to a Y2K Page 3 spread. Or alternatively, an old VHS you may have kept tucked away, hidden to collect dust at the back of the TV console.

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