Dr. Martens X Rick Owens: exceeding all limits

The underground essence of Dr. Martens has joined with the brutal style of Rick Owens for a collaboration that gives us a unique and authentic pairing of the brands.

The British shoe brand Dr. Martens rose dramatically in the 90s when grunge style, deconstructed garments, and sinister colour palettes engulfed the streets of London. At the time the brand was notorious for its 1460s boots and the imposing 18-eyelet 1918 as icons of the time.

The 1460 model has been given a new look. The soft black lunar leather, laces, and eyelets give the shoe a heavier and more imposing image. The 1918 style has also been picked for a new reworked look featuring pearl laces, eyelets, and matte silver trim, maintaining the original essence of the brand with an original and exquisite facelift.


The new designs feature a special detail. The tongues are made in an extra-large size that notably stand out from the architecture of the shoe. Of course they do – after all, these are DMs, done Rick Owens style. If ever two brands had clear and obvious synergy, it was these two. So if you are a fan of heavy-duty, high fashion, statement-making stomp-wear, these may just be for you. Just remember to stock up on the blister plasters.


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