Esmée x Sevvy

We collaborated with one of London’s hottest new designers, Sevvy Nicholls, to create a lookbook to elevate your season

Designer Sevvy Nicholls is originally from the Bahamas, but moved to London to study fashion design at the London Istituto Marangoni. “From a young girl, I’ve always been involved in being creative. I did piano, I did sports and anything that allowed me to be sort of creative. I have always liked painting as a hobby. And those things kind of just accumulated together to kind of put me into this person of being creative,” she says. 

Using Sevvy’s unique approach to her brand-new collection for her final year of study, we decided to create a lookbook that highlights all her inspirations whilst giving an inspiring tutorial on how you can emulate Sevvy fashion through your own way of dress. “It’s completely different from any of my other collections. This one is a bit more grotesque. The other ones I did were a bit sunnier and brighter and colourful. So, I find this one interesting because I’m learning more about it every day.”

Sevvy’s current collection is based on Marina Abramovic, a Serbian conceptual and performance artist, and Butoh, which is a Japanese dance. “They consider it as a dark ballet. So really, it’s basically going into the grotesqueness, the abnormal, very unrestricting. And it has no sort of cohesiveness towards each other. It’s mainly focusing on how we as humans when put to face with confrontation, kind of hideaway. So, it’s a different number of elements. Distortion, hiding, trauma. It includes everything.” The collection drops next year.

Using Sevvy’s inspiration and toiled garments, we have illustrated her pieces paired with go-to fashion staples everyone has in their wardrobe. We wanted you to be introduced to a designer who uses her personal life to create a relationship with her audience. This way, we can all feel comfortable in our garments and express fully who we are. “I wanted to relay experiences that I’ve had in my childhood and even now in my adult life, dealing with anxiety and other forms of troubles. And I wanted to incorporate that into my work and just bring some sort of personal connection to what I’m trying to build.”  

Fashion is broad, subjective, a form of art. “It’s looked at through different lenses. I feel fashion… It makes up everything in a way. The way you live, your social life, how you work, it’s implemented in everything just like art.” Sevvy approved this collaboration as she wanted to demonstrate her design potential as a new upcoming creative. 

For a more visual insight into Sevvy’s inspirations for her new collection, look at our lookbook that walks through a grotesque yet whimsical world of creativity! 

Images courtesy of Esmée Davies and Sevvy Nichols

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