Welcome aboard: Francis Bourgeois makes Gucci debut

At 21-years-old, it would be merely a dream for many to star in a high fashion campaign. For TikTokker Francis Bourgeois this fantasy has wormed its way into reality with the launch of Chapter Two of the Gucci X The North Face. 

Remixing trends from the 1990s, the second part to this collaboration has garnered worldwide attention. Featuring monogram puffer jackets and gilets painted with landscape scenes, this collection turns hiking into high fashion. As Forbes valued Gucci at $22.6 billion (£16.6bn), the brand continues to innovate with on-trend collabs and celebrity features in campaigns. From Harry Styles to James Corden, the Gucci team have been successful at keeping their finger on the pulse during Alessandro Michele’s reign. 

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News outlet HighSnobiety revealed a collaborative video with Gucci x The North Face collection earlier this month. Starring as the main character is Franics Bourgeois who began creating trainspotting TikToks during the Coronavirus pandemic. With 2.1million loyal followers on the app, Bourgeois is renowned for funny camera angles achieved with a GoPro to give his audience an insight into his excitement at spotting trains. Bourgeois even recently posted a video alongside Joe Jonas who was trying out the hobby. 

Dressed as a train conductor, Bourgeois is pictured in his Gucci debut speaking over the tannoy system, checking tickets and encouraging people to look at the scenery. The short video is set in the Alps with models clothed in luxury hiking style boots and branded hats. The Gucci x The North Face logo takes centre stage on the majority of the designs tapping into the logomania trend we have seen circulating over recent years. According to Statista, 32% of Americans own a Gucci product earning the brand a well deserved place as one of the most easily recognised fashion houses purely based on its designs. 

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The 1.2million Instagram followers of Bourgeois have been eager to express their admiration at his role in the campaign. His fast growing fanbase could be accredited to the domination of his mother agent app TikTok. As of 2021, there are 1billion TikTok users worldwide according to BusinessofApps with 3.7million active users in the UK (study from Social Films). The young star is a perfect contender for the high fashion world with his past modelling experience and electronic tunes. Bourgeois creates melodies with train focused lyrics for his audience too. A recent song of his rhymed about how “traction motors resonate with me” and “to and from Waterloo I love riding on you” in reference to one of Bourgeois favourite automotives. 

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A recent controversy for the train lover where viewers were questioning his authenticity led to Bourgeois speaking on the topic on his social pages. The student discussed how he “reclaimed his love for trains” during the pandemic. “Trainspotters come in all different shapes and sizes” he told his fans, “they could even wear a True Religion jeans jacket and Nike Air Max”. 

Cleverly picking certain influencers to star in campaigns is turning into a foolproof success method for brands from handmade to high end. With this recent collaboration, Gucci is proving itself to be an innovator in the scene and fans are loving it. Welcome aboard!

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