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The one if Friends had come out in 2021

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Central Perk aficionados rejoice. HBO has announce a Friends reunion to honour the iconic sitcom’s 25th anniversary.

A photoshoot of the characters in a convertible car


This dream come true for Friends-fans is an opportunity to reconnect with carefree Rachel, cleaning manic Monica, environmentally friendly Phoebe, awkward Ross, ravenous Joe and humourist Chandler, but most importantly, to catch up with two decades of nostalgic and quintessential fashion.

Sheer tops, low waisted jeans, tank tops over t-shirts, suspenders and khakis and grandma sweaters are some of the never to be forgotten fashion moments brought by the 90s show that taught us the true meaning of friendship: drink beer and wear wedding dresses to cheer up your friend who just broke up with her boyfriend.

Therefore, it will not come as a shock that Friends continues inspiring the fashion industry even after 25 years since its debut episode. For instance, we must not forget, when in 2018 Balenciaga unveiled a layered oversized parka during Paris Fashion Week and fans compared it to an outfit sported by Joey Tribbiani in season three when he raided Chandler’s entire wardrobe.

However, given the current climate, we could not help but wonder how these friends would have managed staying indoors for several months in Monica and Rachel’s small New York apartment, if the six friends had to have spent the national lockdowns together.

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It’s very likely that Joey would devour all the food in the fridge, Ross would bore everyone to death with tedious information about dinosaurs and move the furniture around (Pivot!) and Rachel would spend her days ordering new clothes online for life post-Covid.

Although the reunion is a one-off episode of the original cast looking back at the show and sharing some of their favourite memories, and not an actual episode (I know I am crying too) it would be fascinating to get wind of what modern day trends the characters would don, if the show had been produced in 2021.

_shift interviewed a fashion blogger and a fashion stylist to learn their thoughts about Friends style in 2021.

Fashion blogger, Jessica Eishow recalls binge watching the 90s sitcom from beginning to end when she was 19 years old. She says: “I think the Friends cast’s fashion would be pretty similar to what it was originally. The trend of 90s fashion is what a lot of us wear right now: the mom jeans, the tennis skirt and the slip dresses are all styles that I see right now and see myself wearing.”

She adds: “With Friends being as big as it is, a lot of brands, influencers and ourselves take inspiration from Rachel and Monica and incorporate that into our won style.”

Rachel Green's most iconic green looks

Image courtesy of @ALLTHEFRIENDSOUTFITS via Instagram

In the same way, London based fashion stylist Rianna Faye, explains that the majority of the fashion gone back to the 90s themes and that everything the characters wore in the original series they would wear it again. “I think high top trainers like Nike Dunks, Jordan 1s and even the platform converse would definitely feature. I also feel as though loungewear and cute PJ’s for Rachel’s character, may be a big thing as well as co-ordination sets and statement jackets as they are both huge in today’s trends,” clarifies the fashion stylist.

Monica Geller's most iconic red look

Image courtesy of @ALLTHEFRIENDSOUTFITS via Instagram

Surprise, surprise, the 90s fashion is back! Are you surprised? Because I am not.

The emblematic looks that revolutionized the fashion industry are coming back into the spotlight and turning into an indispensable element of fashion lovers’ outfits of the day, but reinterpreted in 2021 style.

2021 is bidding farewell to slim and skinny cut jeans and welcoming the ultra-wide legs and not so ample waist, oversized bottom sweatpants. Asymmetrical, colourful, in leather or velour, they are all spicing up the streetwear looks of the year, and how it could not be Hollywood celebrities, including Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, made the oversized sweatpants their favourite piece of clothing to spend the dreadful months of quarantine.

Either way, whether the characters wear suspenders and khakis, high top Jordan 1s or oversized sweatpants bottoms, we are just excited that we will get to have those characters back on screen and an excuse to sing our lungs out to the intro song again.

All things aside, streaming service HBO Max has not announced an official launch date for the reunion special- but this does not stop loyal fans of the comedy series from counting the days until they can laugh with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler.

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“Can’t wait to see what all the characters have aged like and what their lives and jobs are like now,” says Rianna Faye.


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