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Lavender will take over the fashion industry in 2023

It's time to look ahead as WGSN and Coloro announce Lavender as the colour of 2023

Yellow and green may be set to be the colours of spring/summer 2021, but those wanting to get ahead need to look to purple for their style inspiration. Trend forecast agency WGSN and colour consultancy Coloro have announced that the colour of 2023 will be Digital Lavender. 

WGSN said: “This imaginative colour is set to converge across our virtual and physical worlds in 2023.”  The announcement continues to say that the colour, “signifies the stability, serenity and digital escapism” that so many have sought over the last year. In particular they were inspired by Gen Z’s merging of the real and digital as a result of lockdown. 


The above video was part of WGSN and Coloro’s announcement of ‘Digital Lavender’ and displays the tone and depth of the shade.

How was ‘Digital Lavender’ chosen?

In deciding upon their colour of 2023 WGSN and Coloro took inspiration from across art and design. One inspiration was Argentinian designer Andrés Reisinger who had created a series of virtual furniture pieces. This collection heavily featured lavender and highlighted unity and a need to embrace the digital world.

Other inspirations for the colour choice included Puma and Living Color’s sustainability campaign Design to Fade. As well as Mercedes-Benz’s ‘living creature’ vehicle the ‘VISION AVTR’. This project was inspired by James Cameron’s record breaking sci-fi film Avatar. 

_shift spoke to Joanne Thomas, Head of Content at Coloro, about the inspiration behind the selection. She told us: “Digital Lavender will connect us to our wellbeing, offering a sense of stability and balance. As consumers increasingly find solace and comfort inhabiting the virtual space, the influence of video games and virtual realities will become all-encompassing, distorting the boundaries between our online and offline existence. Digital Lavender is our emotive and sensorial key colour, ready to be embedded in both our physical and digital world.”


‘Digital Purple’ Image courtesy: Coloro and WGSN


How are brands responding?

Whilst 2023 is still two years away some brands are already including purples and lavender in their latest collections. One such brand is Winser London.  Its creative director Jayne Cady told us: “Purple and lavender are both colours representing strength. They have the ability to calm and empower when worn. Indeed, purple is a regular choice of the aristocracy and lavender is especially relevant in the current climate as it is associated with healing, relaxation, purity, encouraging calmness and tranquility of mind.” 

Consumers have already began picking up on the trend with searches for lavender doubling in the last five months according to Google Trends. Lavender has now spread into jewellery and accessories as the popularity of the shade rises and demand for the colour grows. 

In technology, Apple and Samsung have also now introduced purple to many of their latest product releases. In addition, makeup releases from brands including Colourpop and Charlotte Tilbury also now heavily feature purple. From this it is clear that it is not just the fashion industry that is embracing the colour of 2023.

_shift have picked out some of our favourite products to help you incorporate more purple and lavender into your life: 


Selkie – The Moonstone Parliament Dress (£165) Image Courtesy of: Selkie via


Winser London – Oversized Cotton Shirt (£179) and Fine Cotton Shorts (£149) Image Courtesy: Winser London Available at:


Colourpop – Purple Prose BFF Mascara (£6.50) Image Courtesy: Colourpop via


Colourpop – Cashmere Forever Shadow Palette (£7) Image courtesy: Colourpop via


Without You – Stretchy Flare Trousers Image courtesy: Urban Outfitters via


Juicy Couture – Velour Monogram Shoulder Bag (£50) Image Courtesy: Urban Outfitters via


Anne Louise Boutique – Ruffle Lavender Dreams Maxi Dress (£195) Image courtesy: Silkfred via


Free People – Love Struck Heels (£140) Image courtesy: Free People via

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