Mango x Camille Charrière 

It is never too early to start getting ready for the holiday season. Endless Christmas parties with your friends, romantic festive dates with your significant other, or a chill night at your friend’s house with wine and gingerbread cookies (yes, please!). Whatever occasion you’ve already jotted down on your calendar, the fashion world has it covered for you.

The Spanish fashion retailer, Mango, has launched its most recent collaboration with the one and only Camille Charrière – one of the first fashion influencers turned writer and TV broadcaster. The style icon has partnered with the brand to create an exclusive 60-piece drop.

Image courtesy of Mango

The collection features everything you need to create a perfect party outfit, meticulously curated and designed by party icon, Charrière herself. Starting with dresses in a variety of lengths covered in crystals, sequins, and even wild animal print – the designs will take you back in time to the nightlife of the early 2000s. Lace also deserves a mention as it is part-and-parcel of the 00s and Charrière’s style, in particular it is featured in trousers and a matching translucent cardigan with flared sleeves. In Mango’s press release Charrière says: “The collection is very much a curation of what I already own and wear on a regular basis. It is the essence of my style.”

Furthermore, the collection features 00s-inspired clear sandals, baguette bags, and heart-shaped necklaces – all to remind us how glamorous partying was back in the day. Thanks to Mango and Charrière, we can revive this nostalgia in an extreme mini mesh silver dress and feather boas for the colder nights.

Image courtesy of Mango

The pieces are versatile as the fashion influencer is fond of mix-matching styles and eras to stand out from the fashion crowd — a clear reflection in her collaboration. Whether it is a dress or a top, there would be something to pair it with, from a maxi silk skirt to a full-length faux fur coat – anything to make you feel like Carrie Bradshaw in a Sex and the City movie, going out for Cosmopolitan cocktails with her clique.

The campaign was directed by London-based filmmaker and photographer Felix Cooper, who has a few prominent works in his portfolio, such as Hailey Bieber for Perfect and Iris Law for Interview. To create a true aesthetic and representation of Charrière’s being, her husband François Larpin, produced the campaign. Fashion journalist, Ranyechi Udemezue, comments: “I really love both her French and English roots and I think they both translate in her style.”

Image courtesy of Mango

It is not Mango’s first collaboration with another creative. Previously, the brand has partnered with Chufy, André Saraiva, and most recently Pernille Teisbaek. While Mango knows how to attract customers and increase sales through collaboration with fashion influencers, this particular collection might earn the title of the most successful one to date.

Shop the collection here and get the party started before December 24!

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