Hope Macaulay: the luxury knitwear just in time for winter

The summer days have left, and winter is coming on fast. As we say goodbye to our arms once more, not to be seen for another long winter stretch, we are all in dire need of something cosy yet stylish.

Hope Macauley is a fashion and textiles designer from Ireland, who launched her eponymous brand just three years ago. Since then, her designs have gone on to feature in Elle and Vanity Fair, along with being worn by supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Her handcrafted pieces range from tops and t-shirts, to bucket hats and dresses. Yet Macauley’s Colossal Knit cardigans and jackets serve as a perfect way to keep warm against the seasons changing, without having to ditch the summer colour palette. The rainbow weave detail on her products offer a retro feel, in which Macauley creates from “large expressive collaged paintings and transforms them into prints, combined with carefully constructed detailed beadings and playful garment designs,” according to the brand’s website.

The brand stands for female empowerment and shopping small and local, two major issues within the fashion industry today. Although her prices may be higher than the typical sweater, it is justified by the natural, biodegradable, and sustainable materials used to create her instantly recognisable pieces.

At just 24 -years-old, Hope is somebody to watch. She knows her market and is driving a safer way of production. With a small team on her side, and knitting with her bare hands, the designer is here to be seen, along with her masterpieces.

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