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The most iconic catwalk moments

Revisiting together some of the most iconic catwalk moments we will never forget

_shift looks at iconic catwalk moments.

Gisele: Fur scum

We are in 2002 and furs are though of as glamorous and accepted by society. The US lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is among the strongest intimate apparel retailers on the market and its annual fashion show is one of the most awaited events. Gisele Bündchen, one of the highest-paid models in the world, just signed a contract with furrier Blackglama to star in its campaign. Little did Bündchen know when she was walking for the lingerie brand that PeTA protesters would rush on stage brandishing signs that read Gisele: Fur Scum. The model kept going like nothing had happened. However, she later confessed that the episode helped her change her mind about fur, and eventually became an activist for animal’s rights. The infamous catwalk and Bündchen’s unbothered reaction remains one of the most iconic events.

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Gigi Hadid stops crasher at Chanel Fashion Show

Marie Benoliel, in art Marie s’infiltre, is a French YouTuber and comedian known for her attempts to infiltrate major live events. In September 2019, Benoliel was determined to crash the finale of Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week show at the Paris Grand Palais. The comedian climbed onto the runway and attempted to blend in with the rest of the models. As if what had just happened was not jaw dropping enough, American model Gigi Hadid intrepidly blocked the crasher and quickly escorted her to the exit. The scene will forever live in our minds and hearts.

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Naomi Campbell falls at Vivienne Westwood  show

British model Naomi Campbell is one of the muses of British Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. In 1993, Campbell was walking for Westwood’s fashion show in an extremely high pair of platform heels. On the runway the model tumbled and fell. Elegantly. When she hit the floor Campbell could not help herself but burst into laughter. Years later, during an interview with Vogue, the model revealed that a number of other designers asked her to fall while walking for their fashion shows. Apparently, the media coverage Vivienne Westwood received following the legendary fall was so great that many other fashion designers were willing to do anything to receive the attention.

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Westwood’s infamous platforms

Rick Owens SS16: models carrying another model with harnesses

American fashion designer Rick Owens is well known in the fashion industry for his eccentric and original designs. For his spring/summer 2016 womenswear collection, he sent models on the runway carrying human back packs held by strong harnesses. The concept behind the designs was, indeed, very interesting and profound too. Owens wanted his garments to reflect female strength in an impactful way. The result was an original and powerful show that left everyone astonished and impressed.

Ricky Owens SS16

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