Primark x WornWell

High-street fashion retailer Primark has launched its first vintage store, called WornWell, in partnership with the Vintage Wholesale Company, in its Manchester, Birmingham and Oxford Street stores.

Primark has built a reputation as a fast-fashion retailer, notorious for selling high volumes of cheap and trendy clothes, inspired by high-street and celebrity couture. This new collaboration may be the perfect move to showcase more sustainability and slow fashion among its collections, possibly leading to a shift in the overall perception of Primark among shoppers and in the media.

WornWell shop assistant, Rosie King, says: “I think that bringing an independent brand into Primark is a good thing, and I think that as much as there is a lot of fast-fashion in Primark, bringing this in is getting people to change their minds about the way that they shop.” She continues: “Even though customers are on the high street, there is more of an opportunity that they are going to buy something that is more ethical, better for the environment.”

Vintage Wholesale Company owner, Riccardo Seaton, started his business 15 years ago, after opening Poorboy, a renowned vintage and second-hand boutique based in Hull. The company later on expanded into the The Vintage Wholesale Company and now sources the best vintage gems from all over the world, as well as supplying good quality pre-loved clothing both in the UK and Europe.

WornWell is a vintage paradise, despite the fact its presence in Primark stores may come as a surprise. In the Oxford Circus branch, you can find the best of both branded and non-branded clothing. Deals include Burberry coats for £160, good quality Levi’s jeans, Nike and Adidas sweatshirts, leather cowboy boots and Doctor Martens.

WornWell does not follow Primark’s average pricing system to enable more conscious, mindful and sustainable decisions. This collaboration holds the potential for Primark to expand its clientele to a new selection of customers while encouraging its loyal customers to shop more sustainably.

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