Update Your Wardrobe With Vinted

How to craft a stylish wardrobe on a budget

I simply can’t resist a good bargain. I am certain I have single-handedly put delivery drivers back in work. Here is everything I purchased from Vinted this week for just £28.

I used to be a Depop girlie, saving and favouriting everything that caught my attention. I would curate a never-ending list of items I’d never buy.

That was before I found out about Vinted, a second-hand listing company boasting 77.31 million monthly visitors. In fact, Vinted is second most-visited online fashion marketplace, beating out ASOS (64.16 million monthly visitors) and FarFetch (28.8 million monthly visitors).

As autumn is in full swing, it was only right that I updated my current coat rotation. My Pinterest board was bursting with inspiration from Hailey Bieber, Sofia Richie, and Jasmine Tookes. Their sophisticated, classy aesthetic was exactly what I wanted and Vinted came through.

Just a few days later, with the first of many knocks at my door, the package arrived: a cream-coloured oversized coat from Topshop. Its boxy and broad shoulders left plenty of room for layering. Even better, it was a mere £14. It’s the perfect blanket-like coat that you need for a dark and depressing early-morning commute.

Image courtesy of Tahiti Carminia Connor.

As Mean Girls‘ Karen Smith once said, “On Wednesday’s we wear pink.” A statement I take very seriously. Most mornings as I decide what to wear, I find myself realising just how much autumn-appropriate clothing I lack. Despite the wind and rain, I am forced to opt for yet another crop top. Three pounds later, I am the proud owner of a baby pink, sleeveless knitted top with a neckline high enough to keep me toasty.

Image courtesy of Tahiti Carminia Connor.

Shopping second-hand can be daunting when you’re worried about sizing as there’s no receipts or returns, but the affordable prices on Vinted keeps my shopping addiction in-check.

Paris Hilton famously said, “Skirts should be the size of a belt. Life’s short, take risks.” As my phone screen is flooded with the itty bitty miniskirt hashtag – a trend which has amassed 1 billion views on TikTok – I too fall victim to the trend, already owning a number of miniskirts that appear more micro than mini.

I decided to size up this time in the hopes that it would be a little longer than usual. With some luck and targeted key words (one of the site’s best features to search for good deals) applied, I secured a black pleated Zara mini skirt.

Unfortunately, I felt rather dissatisfied once the fabric brushed my body. Not every purchase can be a win, but luckily this skirt was salvageable. Paired with a chunky-knit jumper and black boots it becomes the perfect for the season. Besides, I can’t complain after bartering my way down from £10 to £6.

Image courtesy of Tahiti Carminia Connor.

In the brightest shade of pink imaginable, I’m convinced this mini skirt was sold to me by Barbie herself. Zara is the go-to for your mini skirt this year. However, to save yourself some pennies this autumn, take a look on Vinted to find them for a more purse-friendly price.

Image courtesy of Tahiti Carminia Connor.

Now I just need to find a corner of space for my purchases in a room overflowing with seasons-old clothes, that I will put on Vinted myself.

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