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Our 20th (and last) _shift session for class of 2017

BAFJ class of 2017 says goodbye to our year long stint at _shift

Believe it or not, our class, the class of 2017, strongly influenced the magazine even before taking over. To be precise, it is thanks to our own Belle Hursey, that our website has its name. Today our shift at _shift ends, and we are about to say goodbye.

From October to today, it’s been five months of intensive work. We challenged ourselves to deliver a high quality, up-to-date and exciting content in the most professional way by applying all the rules and skills we’ve learned in the last three years.

“Challenging and stressful, but also lots of fun” is probably the best summary of our _shift experience made by news editor, Aistė Jučaitė.

Over the course of the last five months four different teams held the various editorial duties, each of which included a group of nine members. 36 journalists contributed for the website writing fashion, news and features to be published weekly, in total over 400 articles were delivered to the readers.

As much as figures have power, they only reflect and sum up the material value, leaving behind the huge amount of work and passion that was put into the project. Fashion editor Clara Virieux summed up the 20 weeks saying: “It showed us what the future potentially holds for some of us, which was interesting.”

It wasn’t the first group project we ever took part in, neither it was the first time that some of us were being published. Social media editor Amita Kundlani said: “It made me motivated to get my name out there. I loved that my friends and family were all supporting me thinking it’s such a big deal to be published.”

Besides the great motivation and improvement of social and teamwork skills there were some downsides of the project. As news editor Aistė Jučaitė points out: “Barely anyone hands in their articles on time,” making things difficult for the editorial team. But we all have been there… and this was to be expected.

Talking about expectations, fashion editor Clara said: “I was surprised by the spirit of the whole team throughout the experience, which made publishing days and all of the editing a lot more fun.” While working on _shift we became more than students but real journalists and needed to face all the responsibilities that came with the title. Topicality, deadlines, interviews, obviously attending events.

Summing up, we learned that our future as fashion journalists can be bright, but we need to own it by working hard. The _shift team shared some great moments together like a dance party in the newsroom, and plenty of singing along to Disney.

With a full portfolio of published articles ready and waiting for our future employees to check, it is time for class 2017 to say a final goodbye, till next year’s third years step up and challenge their journalism.

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