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_shift talks: Stylish with a stoma

Lucy Smith-Butler talks to _shift about how she hasn't let a colostomy bag change her love for fashion and styling

_shift was luckily enough to start the new year with a wholesome conversation with fashion fanatic, Lucy Smith-Butler. Age 12 she set up a blog as a creative outlet, to share her style and love for clothes. Now in 2022 she continues to share her style on Instagram and TikTok.

After surgery, in 2019, Butler was left with a colostomy bag. A colostomy bag is the pouch given, after part of the colon has been surgically diverted out through the tummy. Despite the bag now being noticeable when wearing certain outfits, Butler has not let it limit her outfit choices. Acting as a role model for others to not let their disabilities make them feel excluded from the world of fashion.

Image courtesy of Lucy Smith-Butler

The fashion blogger also shares with us her latest business venture, Out for Nowt which is a resell shop curated with hand picked, second-hand and vintage clothing items.

Courtesy of Epidemic Sound. “Everything” by Tilden Parc.

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