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_shift talks: Why you should start your fashion business now

Advice from a soon-to-be LCF graduate on her growing online business, Merry and More

The day in the life of a university student might include asking yourself: “What will I be doing after I graduate and will I ever find a job?” Those questions are perfectly normal for many students – but for some, the answers come early. On this episode of _shift talks, we invite Mami Hiruntecha, soon-to-be LCF graduate, to give us fresh, firsthand experience on starting a small business while you are still studying.

By starting her newly established fashion brand, Merry and More a whole term before graduation, Mami was juggling her dissertation and the business. As she slowly navigates through this new addition to her life, she tells us what she learned along the way..

Check out Mami’s fashion brand here.

Copyright-free music from Kenneth Larita via Youtube.

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