BBL filler: the safer route to a bigger bum?

This could be an overdue wave goodbye to the surgical BBL

A safer, low risk, quick-fix filler has been formulated for the aesthetics industry as an alternative to surgery. This way, achieving your perfect bum simply requires a very large needle, and a mere hour of your time.

Could this bring an end to the surgical BBL era? After all, risking your life for a bigger bum may not be all it’s made out to be.

BBL filler could mean a significant departure from the well-known Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). While a conventional BBL is surgical, the alternate BBL filler doesn’t require surgery and is advertised as a way to achieve your dream body without going under the knife.

The knife, in this case, is replaced with a long hypodermic syringe, so if you find yourself jittery around needles this might not be for you. 

The key difference between the two is the risk of fatality. A traditional BBL is an extremely high-risk surgery that involves implanting silicone into the buttocks area. As well as a hefty price tag, the procedure comes with a high risk of death – 1 in 2,500 fatalities – according to The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Concerns about the procedure’s safety have led the BBL to be banned in the UK. While BBL filler, like any filler, has its risk of complications, it’s currently viewed as a much safer and lower risk alternative.

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But how does it work?

BBL filler makes use of one of two substances: poly-l-lactic acid and hyaluronic acid. Both achieve the same results, but work in different ways. UK practitioners adopt different approaches, some choosing one over the other. It is always best to do your research before choosing what’s injected into your body- botched bum filler certainly isn’t on our Christmas list.

Poly-l-lactic acid, also referred to as Lanluma, is a specialised substance crafted to reshape and contour large areas of the body. Lanluma triggers natural collagen production in your body, which helps reduce signs of ageing on the skin.

It’s recommended to have two to four sessions one month apart to achieve longer lasting results.

Hyaluronic acid, familiar to those already acquainted with facial injections, showcases immediate results and is claimed to be a safe, high-quality substance.

The entire process can be wrapped up in 60 to 90 minutes with minimal downtime. The volume of product injected entirely depends on the individual’s body and needs. Hylauronic acid is the most widely used product for BBL fillers, and has earned the reputation of being reliable with rare complications. 

While opting for BBL filler might be the safer route, it’s not exactly budget friendly. For FacesbyAJK, a worldwide non-surgical procedure practitioner, the price starts at a minimum of £2,500 for 100ml. It soars to an eye-watering £6,500 for 350ml. At that cost you could opt for a BBL, but it’s a much more high risk procedure.

Deyonce, owner and founder of David’s Beauty, opened up about his personal encounter with body filler. His initial exposure to the procedure came through the realm of social media, which ultimately led him to try it for himself.

The motivation in doing so stemmed from his past body struggles regarding weight gain. He endured only a tiny amount of pain after being numbed with lidocaine, saying “I barely felt a thing.”  To build his desired physique Deyonce admitted to undergoing this procedure multiple times. After the second time he says he was “even more in love.”

Post-treatment he dealt with swelling and soreness, but felt it was a worthwhile sacrifice. “It’s all worth it. It’s nothing compared to what you would have to deal with when having a surgical BBL.”  

However, BBL filler is slightly less researched than the traditional BBL, and no one knows the possible long-term effects.

It’s often described as the safer alternative, downplaying the potential issues that could manifest. Depending on the volume of filler injected, reversing the effects may take multiple sessions. Potential side-effects include severe swelling and soreness.

The Aesthetic Clinic London, which boasts an influential following of 87,500, recently took to TikTok to share a crucial message about BBL filler. Conversation sparked when a user recounted their distressing experience with bum filler, detailing the formation of lumps.

The clinic openly shed light on the numerous images it has received from girls who have suffered bad infections and abscesses which surfaced months later. Draining an abscess can be dangerous, and can escalate into serious conditions such as sepsis.

Twenty-year-old fashion student Lydia Crosby says that popular social media stars she follows, such as Chloe Khan, directed her towards the subject of BBL fillers, as she explored what was available regarding non-surgical body enhancements. Admitting her doubts about the procedure, she claims she would only receive the treatment by “the best aesthetic practitioner.”

BBL filler stands as a revolutionary alternative to the traditional BBL, replacing the surgeon’s scalpel with a potentially safer needle. It offers an alternative for those seeking a safer and less invasive approach. However, no cosmetic procedure is without risk, and all require a great deal of consideration.

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