A love letter to British pub culture

Pub communities feel restored with the World Cup broadcasting and a summer free of Covid restrictions.

This photoshoot aims to explore traditional pub culture, embracing the classic atmosphere loved by many. The images shot at the Faltering Fullback, feature different rooms of the pub, which encompass our love for the community.

We wanted to include pub goers’ favourite aspects of the space, so we gathered quotes that are shown alongside the images.

Bold red writing stating “our love for British pub culture” Man in a pub looking up holding a pint glass Couple photographed in a pub, with female stood behind male holding his waistThree people sat round a pub table featuring a candle and two bottles of beer

Two women sat in a pub round a table with a football top framed behind them Page filled with handwriting inspired text featuring quotes about what people love about the pub Two women in a pub holding beers and shouting into camera Woman stood leaning on the end of a pub bar Man sipping beer from a pint glass looking into the camera Three people sat round pub table chatting and smiling


Creative Direction and styling: Grace Callaghan and Dejana Jancuric

Photography: Dejana Jancuric

Models: Grace Callaghan, Lucy Kevil and Luca Paolozzi 

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