Coachella 2024: Is the influencer Olympics over?

Has the festival lost its fashion status?

This year’s Coachella festival, which took place over two weekends between April 12 to 21, continued to boast an array of classic festival fashion and returning trends by newer influencers.

From the desert bohemian cowgirl to the regular raver, the festival showcased a range of fashion styles. Textiles student Rachel Smith commented, “I think this year was very much bringing back the nostalgic 2014-2016 era which included hippie, western and boho mixed with modern trends of large belts, cowgirl boots and hats.

“Although this year didn’t seem to have as much excitement as other years, it didn’t seem people were dressing their best, just keeping up with the Coachella style and brand they went with,” she added.

In previous years the festival has been an anticipated event with many of us waiting to see what celebrities were going to be wearing. Many looks have become iconic for festival fashion and often trended for years afterwards.

Vanessa Hudgens, dubbed the ‘Queen of Coachella’, has had major influence over festival fashion with feather earrings, flower crowns and layered jewellery. Jasmine Tookes made headlines in 2018 with her timeless ensemble of a lace bralette complemented by a panelled maxi skirt and stacked bracelets. Kendall Jenner debuted at Coachella with a cowgirl inspired look pieced together from a suede vest, destressed jorts and a statement western belt. 

So why is the festival losing its fashion momentum?  

During the era when we saw the rise of influencers, these two weekends became the opportunity for smaller creators to gain a reputation in the fashion community with their iconic festival looks. In 2019 fashion bloggers Camila Coelho, Xenia Adonts and Summer McKeen were known for their consistent festival fashion. Part of the reason influencers started to get brand partnerships was due to their prominence over Coachella weekend.

However, since to the new wave of influencers has emerged, we don’t see these fashion bloggers putting in as much effort, or even attending Coachella anymore. Fashion journalism student Sakina Sule Ali commented: “I think Coachella is dying out personally because the original influencers don’t seem as excited to go anymore, with some skipping it entirely.” She continued, “people seem to crave the nostalgia of Coachella with flowers in hair, shorts and boots with actual candid posts.” 

Fashion Journalism student Mercy Otasowie added: “It’s definitely not as highly anticipated as it used to be, even though some top influencers and celebrities still attend, you can tell they don’t put as much effort into dressing with any sort of extravagance.”

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Taylor Swift appeared to be styled more casually this year. Otasowie said, “it’s now kind of a trend to dress down at Coachella, which is nice as there’s less pressure to dress up and feels more real as it’s a festival in the desert.”

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