Emily Warburton-Adams on life after Below Deck

It is a sunny Saturday morning when I meet Emily Warburton-Adams in one of her favourite cafes in her beloved Notting Hill. Although a Clapham native, she has lived in the area on and off for years and feels the most at home here. She is in high spirits having just left a tennis session – another one of her loves that she usually enjoys with her boyfriend Charles, who she admits usually wins.

Warburton-Adams first came on the scene six years ago as the bubbly blonde second stewardess on the fourth season of Below Deck. Below Deck is a reality TV show about the lives of the crew on luxury yachts depicting behind the scenes drama and everything else that the guests do not get to see. When Warburton-Adams joined the show, it was amassing over seven million viewers per episode. Although the show was quite big, the wave has not quite reached her as she admits, “I’ve never seen the show before in my life and I ended up being asked to be on it (via LinkedIn). I was dropped on a beach in Bermuda, flown to Miami and three days later we were filming in the British Virgin Islands for six weeks, so it was really spontaneous.”


Although the show featured lots of drama, there is plenty that did not meet the editing room as Warburton-Adams remarks, “There was a really fun day we just all bonded with the crew and the guests were off, so we were playing with all the water toys and jumping off the boat and things like that. That was never filmed because they do like to show the drama rather than everyone getting on so that was a day that should have been in, but I remember never seeing it.”

Many would dream about being followed by cameras and becoming famous seemingly overnight, but things were very different six years ago when Warburton-Adams got her chance. She recalls: “Now you get pastoral care coming off because to switch from having a normal job to suddenly having that experience and being aired on tv is very demanding. We were not making proper money; we were not stable or staying in one place… You don’t know the story line they’re creating for you, but you understand it because you do green screen filming.”

There was also an eight month period between filming and airing during which the producers put the episodes together and created storylines. During this period Warburton-Adams almost left yachting as she found it quite draining as she explains, “So you film for six weeks then obviously I left yachting, I could have gone back but your head is not in a place where you can work. Also having to go back and film every couple of weeks in Florida, New York or LA so you can’t hold down a job.”

The entrepreneur had many changes in her life during that period in her life as aside from welcoming fame she also moved from London to Florida. She comments, “I loved it initially, but I think because I was quite young at the time, I was 20 years old when I did the show, I trusted people very easily. There were a few things that bite you in the back because everyone is promising you things and taking you places and want to do things for you and suddenly you owe them things.” She also remarks that Americans are more “straight-talking” than the Brits which she found to be quite a culture shock.


Having come back to London, Warburton-Adams’s life looks very different and her reality TV days are well behind her as she’s on a new path as the founder of POW food. POW food is a healthy and nutritious food delivery service for home and workplaces. The brand has nutritionists and chefs on board to make sure that the meals are well-balanced and crafted to perfection. The brand came to be four years ago due to Warburton Adams’s passion for nutrition and well-being that helped her recover from a long battle with an eating disorder. She explains, “The essence of the company came from me suffering from an eating disorder from when I was 12 to 20. I was in and out of hospital three times as a patient and they didn’t really think I was going to recover; it was quite bad. Learning about nutrition and food, the power of food and the holistic way of living cured and helped to heal me, so I wanted other people to experience that.”


POW food is not always going to be just a delivery service as Warburton-Adams explains: “We initially were supplying businesses which is a big thing because you need three to four meals every day at work. Eating good food is very key at work so that it where it first came from and over lockdown we had to pivot because offices closed, and we started to do home delivery and then it developed into us having a ready meal range which we’re going to get into stores in the next couple of months.” The entrepreneur and wellness blogger could not be happier with her venture into business as she explains, “I love it because I’ve always had projects and ideas, so I love seeing something come to life and it feeds me every day. I like the pressure as well and the hard work.”

Apart from running a business, Warburton-Adams also has an impressive following of 110K on Instagram where she offers a snapshot into her new life featuring plenty of food, fashion and wellness. She comments, “Nutrition and diet for me is a key thing but then also being mindful of how you’re feeling. I’ve really learned to kind of balance activity and social and work. The lifestyle has to be holistic. I do try and fix certain areas. I don’t work myself to the ground, I like going out and being social and I also like exercising.”


Even though it may seem as though her hands are full, there is plenty more to come for Warburton-Adams as she explains, “So the company is growing quite a lot at the moment. We’ve built the team from like six to over 30 now and there is lots of plans with that over the next year. Also, Charles and I are setting up a concept store. Other than that, I am actually just enjoying doing what I am doing here and now because I’ve been someone who stretches myself too thin… I am running a charity quiz the next month and as usual some panel discussions will come up, random things. You never know where things are going to take you.”

Since she is the head of sustainability for POW food, it is no wonder that the blogger keeps the same approach to fashion. She explains, “I’ve always been one to wear things to the ground. I’m always wearing my mum’s old clothing so my wardrobe is full of her old items and my favourite places to shop are charity and vintage stores. All my best pieces have been from charity shops.”


After the interview, Warburton-Adams eats the dish she has ordered before she sat down and tells me about her plans to rush off to a meeting after this somewhere in her beloved city undoubtedly about another new venture.

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