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Gingerella at Paper Dress Vintage

The rock band headlined a riff-packed sold out show last week

Leaving a lipstick stain on the microphone similar to that left behind by Aladdin Zane, Gingerella showed a sold out crowd at Hackney’s Paper Dress Vintage how to bring back rock and roll. Frontman Tommy Adamson steered the crowd into a frenzy with his stage presence. Lead guitarist Noah Charlton controlled the gears, enveloping the room in jangly guitar riffs reminiscent of days gone by.

There’s a rare air of confidence that surrounds the Gingerella boys. One that does not possess arrogance but rather allows the crowd to release their inhibitions to the tune of sparkly, blooming guitar and Adamson’s instantly recognisable vocals.

Every member was a master at work, so naturally in tune to their instruments and the crowd, the audience could not help but be wooed by the charming, referential lyrics, and if not that, the crawling basslines that caused feet to tap. Storming into ‘Queenager and I’, the depth of bassist Simon Pattyn’s playing seemed to stir the audience. It was a catalyst for the most glam rock mosh pit to be seen. Enveloped in red neon lights, Adamson glimmered on stage, and not just due to the reflection of the shiny gold blouse he was wearing.

Swimming in that same red light of the stage, Gingerella flowed through their set with an ease that’s fit for a bigger crowd, with all members having the flair and stage presence of seasoned artists with decades of experience. Whether I am just downplaying the abilities of my friends, or Charlton actually is embodied by the spirit of 70s Keith Richards, we are yet to know.

Not only can you be promised incredible music with Gingerella, you can be promised the debonair and style of a David Bowie and Doherty lovechild. Bringing in a crowd filled with Jagger lookalikes and Fred Perry shirts, Gingerella have curated a style for both their music and fanbase. Over my many months of knowing the band, and having been to their gigs religiously, I can attest to the stylishness of the crowd, and the etiquette of old gig days. Rarely do you see someone on their phone, but rather tousling a shag haircut around to ‘Back to London’, a crowd favourite.

Something I can also attest to, is that Gingerella just keep getting better and better. Growing into a confidence that swarms the crowded grassroots and small venue stages, needing to be released in a bigger venue. In 40 year’s time they’ll be a band we cannot wait to show our grandchildren, and a point of embarrassment because well be too old to be wearing GoGo boots and glittery tops.

Gingerella will next be headlining The Social on June 14. Listen to the band’s EP ‘Who Dear, Me Dear?’ on Soundcloud.

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