Has anyone ever won McDonald’s Monopoly?

With the annual world-famous McDonald’s Monopoly coming to an end, the question on fans’ lips is: who won the big £100k prize?

Running from September 7 to October 18, McDonald’s Monopoly has had players on tenterhooks as the already popular fast-food chain becomes even more prominent.

While many people use the excuse of the monopoly to eat far too many Big Macs in a month, some players are highly competitive, trying to win the TUI holiday, Nintendo Switch, or the highly-anticipated £100,000.

To find out if anyone has ever actually succeeded in winning these prizes, _shift did some digging to see if we could uncover the mysterious winners of McDonald’s Monopoly 2022.

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Most people have won the likes of an apple pie, fruit bag, McFlurry (or if you’re lucky, a whole meal) using the monopoly stickers, and this is a pretty common cheap thrill in the game.

Lisa Aisthorpe, 46, from Grimsby, is one of 50 potential winners to win £1,000, according to The Mirror, while Chloe Wilders, from Northern Ireland, won a McDonald’s fast-food printed beanbag – which is according to her, “The best prize for McDonald’s.”

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@whatsinside, a TikTok platform which makes comedy videos, filmed themselves flying to the UK, and buying 200 portions of medium chips, then peeling back the monopoly stickers on each carton. Sadly though, they didn’t win. In a video, the account user, Dan, says: ‘This is just a random thing that I’ve wanted to do for years, and finally I made my dreams come true. But we didn’t win so, guess the dream wasn’t completed.”

But still no £100k prize winner? Countless fans on TikTok have got the monopoly piece for Park Lane but Mayfair is proving to be the tricky piece. “Anyone have Mayfair?” ask fans on TikTok videos, willing to split the huge prize 50/50.

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We at _shift haven’t managed to track down the winners of the big £100k prize from the monopoly, which has some players questioning if it’s really a scam. I guess we will just have to find out next year, when the game has the country in chaos for another round of McDonald’s Monopoly.

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