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Find out how to get that preppy, dewy look this summer […]

The need to partake in the glass-like, dewy skin trend is in full force, as everyone tries to achieve that perfect glowy base for the sun-kissed months ahead. 

LCF hair and makeup student Rubie Elliot says, “I have realised the key to glowy skin comes from underneath.” Now, it could be that she’s talking about the glow that comes from a kind heart – after all nothing can quite compete with the glow that comes from within, right? But the reality is, she’s talking skincare.

It’s hard to attain a glowy look, especially when you live in London surrounded by fumes and frowns – but the good news is a little bit of help can come in the form of a sparkly, squeezy bottle. 

A colourful take on the glowy look. Image courtesy of Katy Chapman

The stores’ shelves are attempting to keep on-top of this trend as everyone and their aunties, dogs, and grandmothers have been stomping over to their local beauty stores. Each with anticipation as they scan the beauty counters for the latest viral product, assured to give that natural summer sheen.

Drunk elephant bronzing drops became a firm fave as they dominated sales quickly achieving a sell-out status amongst Gen Zs. Korean beauty brand Glow Recipe recently dropped a combination of its best-selling Glow Dew Drops with a bronze tint. An alternative option on the less pricey side would be Elf Halo Glow, which is a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter.

Most recently L’Oréal debuted its Lumi-glotion, and Garnier revealed its Brightening Serum, both of which consumers lapped up, especially on TikTok Shop where each product has already racked up over 75k purchases.

Beauty trends come and go almost as sporadically as UK rainfall. It’s full coverage glam one second then natural, glowing skin a moment later. However, the glowy makeup trend seems to have its heels dug firmly in the sodden ground, as summer winks its bleary eyes at us each year, this trend re-appears shining in full force. 

Elliot says, “This makeup trend will re-appear as the summer months come around. With the sun and weather getting warmer, we absorb more vitamin-D and heavy makeup tends to be avoided, to prevent the inevitable melt-off. Forcing this trend to reappear each summer.” 

Also, recent fashion weeks have seen brands up the makeup ante, specifically the glow trend. Elliot says, “The glass skin trend resurfaced in Paris Fashion Week 2024, with Yves St Laurent and Schiaparelli using this as a key element for their runway beauty.” 

Glowy makeup at Central Saint Martin’s. Image courtesy of Katy Chapman

Maison Margiela’s 2024 Artisanal Collection saw models walking the runway in breathtaking, avant-garde designs, yet spectators couldn’t peel their eyes away from the elevated makeup, produced by makeup mogul Pat McGrath and her team. The internet revelled in McGrath’s glass-like skin creation, with comment sections blowing-up with demands for a tutorial on how such radiant glowy skin was achieved.  

Due to such a high demand as to how to create McGrath’s “gorgeous glow” – as she named it on her Instagram, McGrath did a live masterclass visited by thousands of makeup fanatics wanting to achieve the dewy base in time for summer. 

WGSN also produced a graph surveying TikTok analytics focusing on hashtags trending in both makeup and skincare over March and April. Both #PreppyMakeup and #PreppySkincare were in the top ten and combined reached nearly 200million views. 

#PreppyMakeup, is an over-arching trend of glowy makeup, with the aim to achieve natural, radiant skin. Multiple beauty brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Glow Recipe and Elf created products hoping to accomplish the glow in one step, instead of consumers having to try and master skills that makeup experts such as Pat McGrath have worked years to develop. 

With the influx of products on the market for a luminous base, it creates a saturated market, and as we pull back our need for heavy makeup to accomplish that dewy finish it begs the question do we need all these products? Or can we rely on our own skin’s regeneration process and oils to add to our glow? “The steps to glowy skin are all within the skin care regime,” Elliot says. 

Backstage at Central Saint Martin’s Fall 24 catwalk show. Image courtesy of Katy Chapman.

LCF hair and makeup student Katie Chapman agrees, “I’ve always believed great makeup starts with even better skincare.” However, Chapman goes on to suggest a few makeup artist favourites to achieve that desired glow, “MAC strobe cream, NARS Light Reflecting Foundation and MAC Cream Colour Bases.” 

Elliot maintains that skin care is the key. She says: “The oil-serum hybrid from Glossier; Future Dew Serum is my favourite glowy product as it allows you to create a glowy base with a wide range of foundations.” Plus, as it is created from an oil-water emulsion, it works with either an oil or water-based foundation. 

Glowy, radiant skin is likely becoming a recurring trend within the beauty industry, with multiple ways to achieve it. Either with one quick and easy product, following makeup moguls’ in-depth exclusive tutorials, or relying on your own skin – to accomplish that desired gleam throughout the (hopefully) sunny summer months. 

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