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Jess Brittain set to release BBC series Clique

Skins writer back with a promising new binge-watch

TV writer Jess Brittain is back with a new six-part fantasy thriller, Clique, created for the BBC. The new series is based on the friendship of Holly and Georgia who are drawn into the Mayfair-like lifestyle lived by an elite group of girls at their university.

Set in Edinburgh, the show starts with the first year students desperately wanting in on the flashy internship at a corporation, unaware of what goes on within. There are nostalgic flashes to Mean Girls when the first episode introduces us to the clique-y group of four girls who currently hold the internships.

Writing on the BBC blog Brittain said she wants to depict the wider “insecurity of being a young women and starting university in a pressurised and uncertain time… The attraction of those who seem to have it all tied down and the feelings that then throws up, is something that has hung around in my head since I graduated.”

This isn’t the first youth drama Brittain has written, as she worked on the TV series Skins in the early 2000s. If that’s anything go by, then viewers can expect a lot of rampage in the form of fighting, drinking, drugs and the hopeless spiral into a dark rabbit hole of the subtle peer pressures faced during this time.

The Skins TV show, which Brittain worked on

Clique presents us with temptations at every step, as if we were in Holly’s shoes ourselves and faced with making those important decisions solo and independently at such a crucial stage of many young women life’s with Jess saying; “it takes an issue that’s pretty ubiquitous to young women and places it in a thriller setting.”

It’s a fun and enigmatic watch which will keep you at the edge of your seat. for its 45 minute run time. Synnøve Karlsen, who plays Holly in the drama admits to finding the storyline quite daunting at first with it involving drugs and revenge sex and suicide within the first 45 mins aired. “But I felt like it was an honest portrayal of a girl at uni being liberated and discovering things, so I didn’t want to shy away from it.”

Neither should we.


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