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Visual representation for Muslim women’s freedom

Let Me Be Free highlights the power and rebellion of oppressed women peacefully fighting for freedom

Let Me Be Free represents women born where being a woman is a promise for a life of disgrace, shadow and fear. Places where being born as a woman means being subjected to judgmental comments and unsolicited opinions on what and how to present themselves. Places where being yourself is nothing but a death sentence, where being raped, assaulted, or murdered is just a consequence of wanting freedom.

Hiding is a language women share, “Be invisible then you’ll be safe” is a phrase many women have heard. Women don’t go out at night out of fear for their life. Women don’t show their hair because this is a sign of freedom.

Women don’t speak up because they have no voice. Women aren’t allowed to dance for themselves only for others and when permitted. Their fragrance is fear and their makeup is shame.

“This is what it’s like to be a woman here,” says 13 years-old, Malak as we walk around the streets of Casablanca in Morocco while looking for an ‘everybody welcome’ café. There are men’s cafés and cafés for everyone, in the men’s cafés you can legally sit but only if you stand the judgmental looks of men, and even women, passing. This is what it’s like to be a woman here.

In reality, the denial of women’s freedom means fear of a divine power. Women are a reflection of mother earth, nature, divinity, and purity. Unfortunately, ego, lack of compassion and humanity still run in the veins of some countries, but we are here to change this world, not to accept it as it is.


Creative Direction and styling: Noor Zouitina

Photography: Blanca Ruedas

Models: Zeinab Budi, Hebz El-Hawary, Adlin Reuel

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