New year, new me: layered haircut for 2023

2023 is a year for glow ups. Blocking out negativity, taking risks and focusing on yourself. While you’re at it, why not spice up your look by getting a new haircut! Let’s be real, all those “I’m gonna go to the gym everyday” or ‘”I’m gonna wake up early every morning” resolutions aren’t going to make it past January. So why not do something for yourself that is actually going last and you know you will enjoy. Picture this; wispy layers which start at the crown of your head that flutter out into bouncy feather like curls. In other words the butterfly haircut.

There is no doubt that the butterfly haircut was one of the biggest hair trends on social media throughout 2022. Thanks to TikTok and Instagram influencers the haircut has become more popular than ever. Well, we’re predicting that this year is going to follow similar footsteps. _shift talked to several hair stylists to get their input on the haircut. Jasmine Blackbear, American hair stylist, colourist and beautician says: “Since the haircut doesn’t require a ton of styling it will stay as a trend for a while and we’ll possibly see some variations.”


Butterfly haircut? What is that? Is it new?

The trendy look involves the hair being cut into feathery layers that are supposed to resemble the wings of a butterfly. Blackbear describes the haircut as: “Longer round layers with a ton of face framing layers where the ends are swooped [inwards] around the face.” It gives your hair that extra movement and volume.

This hairstyle has been circling around for a while. Molly G, a professional hairstylist and hair salon owner, wrote an article for HairbyMollyG on the butterfly haircut where she said: “The haircut goes back to when it was first introduced in 1920s Paris. The style was called ‘the Iribe’ or ‘the Parisian Cut’ and became popular among models on both sides of Atlantic Ocean.” However, the Parisian haircut was a lot shorter. It was more like a bob that had some fluttery layers.

The era that today’s butterfly haircut is most similar to is the 70s shag haircut. Charlie’s Angels very own Farrah Fawcett was one of the biggest celebrities that popularised the cut. Her long voluptuous blonde locks caught the eyes of many people during that decade.

The butterfly haircut made a splashing return in the 90’s when ‘the Rachel’ became one of the most requested hairstyles of all time. _Shift spoke to British hair stylist Sophie Emberton who says: “Jennifer Anniston was famous for her luscious bouncy cut when she played Rachel Green on friends.” But the Rachel cut, similarly to the Parisian cut was a lot shorter than the 70s shag cut.

Nowadays social media is one of the biggest platforms to launch trends. A week ago Emily Elizabeth, an American TikToker, posted a video on how to DIY the haircut. This video now has over five million views. 

Have any celebrities joined the trend?

_shift conducted a survey among Gen Z to find out who they considered the most popular celebrities that have the haircut. Some of the most common answers were Addison Rae and Jennifer Anniston, but the influencer that came out on top was Matilda Djerf. Matilda Djerf is a Swedish influencer, model, and founder of Djerf Avenue who has gained popularity for her unique sense of style and fashion. Her signature butterfly haircut complements her clean cut and classy aesthetic.



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How should I ask my hairdresser for the cut?

Explaining how you want your hair cut to your hairdresser can feel intimidating. Sophie said her clients call it either “butterfly cut” or “layered cut”, or they: “They tend to make up their own name on what the cut is called.”

However, if your hairdresser isn’t familiar with the butterfly term or you’re not really sure how to describe the cut, you can always try finding a picture of your favourite celebrity or influencer and taking that to your next hair appointment. Don’t be shy. We’ve all had that overwhelming feeling where you know what you want but you’re not sure how to express it. So don’t let that stop you!

How can I style it?

The good thing about styling this haircut is that you can adjust it to any look you want. Some people prefer to have it much longer like Matilda or Addison meanwhile others will stick to the Rachel or Parisian look. Sophie suggests to style it “with a round brush and lots of volume”

She continues: “All clients can have it as long as they’re willing to style it. It gives shape to all different types of hair.”

If you go through with it and get the dreamy haircut be sure to tag us on all your social media posts!

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