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The real lessons of fashion school

It's not all Prada bags and glamorous celebrity events

It’s been two and a half years since I started my Bachelor’s degree at LCF and it’s almost come to an end. I’m not going to lie, I’m going to miss it! In order to celebrate our last _shift cycle, here’s an insight in to what I’ve learnt during my time at a fashion school.

It’s either fashion week or a pyjama party

There’s no in-between. You have the people who dress up very smart and classy in their Prada bags and Valentino’s or the ones who come in wearing leggings and hoodies with no make up. I’m the latter. 

The dress down look – Courtesy of

Nevertheless, sneakers are important

When you’re late for your morning lecture or about to miss your important presentation, sneakers are a godsend. Also let’s not forget LCF’s extensive staircases – which somehow stump me even though I go to the gym everyday.

There’s no such thing as a love life

I get all these questions like, ‘so are there any hot guys in your life?’ or ‘what kind of guys are at your university?’.  There are just girls and mostly gay men. You’re not going to meet your ‘college sweetheart’ at fashion school. The only love in your life will be food – especially if it’s Instagrammable.

More money will be spent on uni supplies than on yourself

As if paying £9,000 a year wasn’t enough, I have to pay to print off my articles. Do I have to sell my soul to graduate as well? 

Your morning pick me up is important

Especially before the 9am lectures. £3 for a Chai latte? Sure why not, I’ve got to treat myself (meanwhile my bank account is complaining in the background).

It’s on the menu today!!!!! Let’s go! #holidaytime #marketing #branding #talentmgmt #goodcarmastudio #hustle

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Contacts are everything

There are so many events and people to meet it’s important you keep everyone’s contact. That flatmate who’s studying graphic design? She might help you out on a project someday. That editor you met at a party? They’ll probably help you get an internship, and if you’re very lucky, a job. 

You will have to work for free

What do you mean? Don’t you get paid?! How am I meant to go out for brunch?! Welcome to the fashion world, where you have to work for free in order to climb to the top. If you’re lucky, some publications pay travel & food expenses. 

It’ll be a different, but an amazing experience.

Even though you’ll have your panic attacks, late night takeaways from Deliveroo and 3am breakdowns, it’ll be worth it once you’re holding that diploma (I hope). You’ll meet some pretty amazing people, and learn a lot about yourself. We all did.

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