Shift meets The Motive

The indie rock band storming London’s music scene

With over 800,000 streams on hit song ‘Different Kind of Love’ on Spotify, and an ever-growing TikTok presence, you can catch London-based band The Motive on billboards in Leicester Square. The indie rock band are climbing the industry ladder: one step at a time.

Influenced by jazzy indie rock and artists like The Night Cafe and Tom Misch, The Motive’s music is nostalgically driven, and brings it audiences from across the globe. The band are hot off a summer tour in North America, playing North by North East festival in Canada, and headlining sold out shows across the UK.

Image courtesy of Elliott Hinton

The band consists of singer Elliott Hinton, lead guitarist James Baines, bassist Sahib Dhinsa, and drummer Kevin Hein. Their brother-like bond has helped craft their unique sound and honed their fanbase.

We spoke to lead guitarist and songwriter James Baines to find out what’s next for the band:

What are your biggest achievements from 2023?

We had a 200 capacity headline at the Lower Third in Central London. We played three shows in Toronto, Canada for NXNE festival. We have also toured the UK, playing in cities such as Portsmouth, Birmingham and Liverpool.

How do other artists influence you?

Our influences can range from song to song. It would sound like a rip off to write all of your music based off of only a few artists. Personally, I love bands like The Night Cafe, Gleemer and The Smiths, which is where a lot of the sonic influences come from.

Image courtesy of Felicity Mansell

What setbacks do you face in such a competitive industry?

Setbacks are beyond common with starting and maintaining your own band, from monetary to social media, it can all go wrong. Our key has always been our persistence and perseverance. We want to be able to live off of recording and releasing music. A tour a year, a few festivals, see the world; that would be the dream for us.

What are the plans for 2024?

Next year, we have plan to have an EP released in the summertime with lots of gigs to follow that. Our next single is called ‘First Night Lover’ and will release in January, which is really exciting for us.

With a clear aptitude for their craft it’s no wonder that the band is going from strength to strength. Soon to become one of 2024’s newly anticipated EPs, The Motive music is one to watch.

Check out the band’s sound below.

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