Spotify Wrapped: Top sounds for Shift staff

Here are the songs and artists that Shift’s team of aspiring fashion journalists had on repeat in the last 12 months, according to our benevolent overlords at Spotify. Surely there is no better guide to what’s cool in the world of music. Let’s see…

Another December has rolled around and the moments we have waited all year for are booked in the calendar: ice skating, Christmas markets, and of course Spotify Wrapped. Each year the music streaming service gifts us with a parcel of our unhinged listening habits that we diligently post to our Instagram stories, to the care of nobody but ourselves. 

This year was no exception, personally racking up over 86 days of listening. To the surprise of absolutely no-one Harry Styles retains his title as the top spot, placing me in the top 0.05% of listeners. An accolade that I think deserves severe emotional compensation, along with the rest of my top tracks of the year which included a further four Harry Styles songs.
Gracie Lewis

Another year down another hour spent analysing what I’ve listened to this year, courtesy of Spotify Wrapped. To no surprise for the fifth year running Mr Matthew Healy and his band, The 1975 have graced my headphones the most. Safe to say their take on nostalgia definitely works, ambient soundscapes and upbeat sonic riffs accompanied by sharply self-aware lyrics has forged them into my top spot once more.
Felicity Mansell

I’m not an avid music listener by any means and I should probably cancel my Spotify subscription. Nonetheless, I closed the year of 2023 with a whopping 18,843 minutes of listening to the UK Top 50 to get me through my cleaning tasks, and piano instrumentals to set the tone for my novels. Nothing idiosyncratic to see here.
Lucinda Joram

2023 was my year to be your average girl. Fangirling over Saint Levant and replaying From Gaza, With Love more times than is possible to count. Throw in some pop and you’ve got a great year of dancing to songs in your bedroom and romanticising your life.
Simmy Girn

My top song of the year was Rari by Octavian and future. I had that song on repeat because it just got me turnt and lit. Like yeah, every party that went to put it on and then I was just getting in the zone.
I listened to 103.398 minutes of music that that equalises to 71 days of just being on Spotify.
Tony Moniva

This year my favourite artist was Abba because it is feel-good party music which keeps me in a good mood and the fast-paced beats energise me when I’m walking around busy London and exercising.
Stephanie Worthington

If it was up to me, Spotify Wrapped could very well become a national holiday. Having used Apple Music for many years, it was the envy I would always feel when everyone around me would start unwrapping their yearly music reviews that finally made walk over to the Spotify camp. I entered the new streamflows in August 2022, meaning that my Spotify Wrapped last year spanned over a mere four months. Yet, it still turned out to be a painfully accurate reflection of all the highs and lows in my life in that time. This year, my excitement had increased threefold, as there were eight additional months of music listening to be examined. However, I feel like there’s been a glitch. Arctic Monkeys coming out on the top of my favourite artists list came as no shock, as I spent the first half of a year preparing to see them at a festival in July. But what was threw me off completely was the claim that I had listened to my top song, Mardy Bum, only 34 times this year. I’m pretty sure there have been many times in 2023 when I’ve played this song 34 times in a day.
Una Andzane

My top artist was Brockhampton for I think the third year in a row. The top names were pretty much guilty pleasure-free, so everything was thankfully Instagram story friendly. 715-Creeks by Bon Iver was my top track- little bit moody but an all-time classic and the auto-tune yin to Travis Scott’s yang.  
Luke Seaman

My top song of the year was Rented Starship by Rooster, the Swedish rapper/DJ/producer also known as Yung Güd. He’s mostly recognised for his production for Yung Lean’s hits Ginseng Strip 2002 and Kyoto with credits on Travis Scott songs and some work on Donda for Kanye West more recently.
Toby Calder

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