Roe V Wade: The termination of abortion rights

“As an American woman myself, this plan makes me very uneasy and sick to my stomach. It is sad to think they can take this right away from us… women who have been suppressed for so long,” say Audrey Lynn Padron, about the potential abortion ban in the US.

27 States of Dread

Put yourself in the shoes of another woman. A position where one’s whole support system is failing. A position where if one careless whisper of what you did to get rid of last night’s one night stand, failed protected sex, or worse, sexual assault could lead you to face capital punishment. If the US Supreme Court overturns the right to abortion then women in 27 states will face the consequences, causing dread and fear if they have missed a period.

In light of the news of the leaked documents on May 3rd, US citizens are desperate to support the injustice and keep the 1973 Roe V Wade ruling which gives the constitutional right to abortion. How can people around the world help?  Padron said: “To support the women in America people should donate to organizations going out of their way to provide help to American women who need it.”

With aims to fight back at this possible new legislation, a surge of TikTok videos made by young women have been circulating on ways to have at-home abortions.

The dangers that come with at home abortion remedies can be life threatening. “ Without the proper equipment or sterilisation, these women will be putting their lives at risk. And to think that you can then be charged for murder and anyone helping with the procedure is beyond messed up and unfair given we have come this far is women equality,” Padron said.

Although they are made with good intentions, unfortunately, without proper medical precautions, advice and services, these videos could lead to further risks for the women of America.

The lack of sex and health education across the globe is also sparse. The most beneficial advice given on women’s health care now comes from our peers .

“As an American woman myself, and having had an abortion at 17, I am shocked to think that other girls will be rid of the opportunity to make that decision for themselves. It is disheartening to know these other young girls will be forced into motherhood because of accidental pregnancy and will not have the option to live their younger years free of that kind of responsibility if they had the chance,” said Padron.

Personal Experience

After speaking about abortion firsthand, Padron continued: “There are different abortions for various stages of pregnancy, a woman can usually access medical abortion until about ten weeks (about two and a half months) after her last period. It involves taking two types of medication. Surgical options, such as vacuum aspiration and dilation and evacuation, are more common after ten weeks. The way that people in the UK can help is to be an advocate for the woman who does not have a voice and to share our stories and give us a bigger and louder voice spreading the message of this dire lack of womens’ rights.”

A further gap in women’s health care and rights is faced by the working class in America, especially those living in the underprivileged suburbs who may not be able to travel to states where abortion remains legal.

Patron said: “The potential of this affecting the working-class American citizens is greatest since we will not have the resources time or money to achieve a successful abortion safely. Not having access to abortion will force these women to lose jobs and bear too many children to provide for.”

With only a few weeks to go before the final decision is expected to hit America, it leaves little time to help, so what can you do?


If you’re feeling helpless and living outside the US, Padron says: “To support the women in America people should donate to organisations.”

A list of non profit organisations you can donate are below:

Care for Abortion –

Right to Life –

Centre for Reproductive Rights –


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