The obsession with nostalgia Instagram accounts

Have you seen an excessive amount of Kate Moss grunge pictures on your Instagram feed lately? Does scrolling through your explore page feel like a trip down memory lane? Long gone are the days when social media platforms were the sole home of latte art and Amaro-filtered sunsets; these days, feeds are flooded with 80s celeb-heavy grained shots and blurry 00s runway videos.

As shows such as Sex and the City and Gossip Girl are being rebooted, low-rise jeans are the nitty-gritty of early 2020s fashion, and tramp stamps are trending on TikTok, it’s clear that nostalgia is having its own fashion moment.

The sartorial mission of nostalgia-dedicated platforms is to bring glamorous pop culture content from the past into the public eye, and this is when @velvetcoke comes into play. A “Skinny Virgo and thin brows enthusiast” according to the account’s bio, the @velvetcoke boasts a 1.6 million follower base.

Home to over 3000 archival posts on fashion, art, music, and film, @velvetcoke has previously been referred to as The Nineties Mecca, and we totally get why. Flawlessly curated, carefully documented, and most importantly, credited. The feed is a late 20th century pop culture encyclopedia, packed with never-before-seen pictures and videos.


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What is amazing about how @velvetcoke operates is that every single post is captioned with a summary on the context and history of the subject and setting. Therefore, browsing through @velvetcoke’s content not only satisfies an aesthetic purpose, but it also offers an extensive lesson on popular culture history, and fans know and deeply appreciate this. As one fan commented: “What I love about this account is how you not only give credit to the photographers, but you’re knowledgeable enough on the material so that you can answer questions commenters have. We <3 u velvey. you put so much work into these posts.”

The obsession with nostalgia Instagram accounts: who is @velvetcoke?

The person behind the @velvetcoke account is a 21-year-old girl who has gone incognito for the public, yet she is referred to as Velvey on the ‘gram by her fans. She started her account at 16 and continued exploring, curating, and posting ever since. Archives are her best friend and Instagram is her playground, posting not only fashion-related content, but even interior design, behind the scenes photos, celebrity candids and so on. Lucy Hill, London College of Fashion photography graduate, considers the variety of curated content as the account’s strongest feature: “The feed is an avalanche of information, at a glance it could be hectic for the average Instagram user, yet if you have the curiosity to explore it, you will find yourself scrolling through a virtual fashion almanac.”


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With Instagram fame at the tip of her finger, Velvey now has her own collaboration with i-D magazine, dubbed i-D x Velvet Coke. Exploring archival moments from fashion and pop culture, the duo has already released seven stories on fashion, movies, and even lifestyle.

The revolution that Instagram, and subsequently fashion, has experienced in terms of vintage content comes as no surprise to anybody. Apart from the eminent @velvetcoke, there are plenty of other accounts on the rise that target different time periods or cultural manifestations. @90sanxiety, @80sradical, @00sfreak, @retrobombshells are only a few of the Instagram handles which have taken over the social media platform in the past few years.

The undoubted appetite for nostalgic content can easily translate to the need to feel safe and returning to a place where one felt loved and comfortable, A.K.A childhood, as per recent studies. This clearly explains why during the pandemic, the Y2K aesthetic gained such popularity amongst the GenZ-ers. 


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Ultimately, for whatever reason, creative or psychological, it all comes down to the moment a nostalgia post pops up on your feed and carries you away. For a brief moment, you’re not on the tube, nor at your desk, you’re in 1998s Cannes overlooking the sea next to Laetitia Casta, or in the audience of the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards seeing George Clooney avoid Madonna’s kiss. Nostalgia accounts are a blessing as they have the power to enrapture the mind and change the narrative of the day-to-day life.

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