Tweevival: a modern twist on quirky retro fashion

Why an eccentric 2010s look is making a comeback

Amidst the minimalist and modern designs currently dominating the fashion world, the comeback of Twee is a delightful breath of fresh air, igniting feelings of nostalgia for fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

 If you have been on FashionTok recently, you may have seen the rise and resurgence of Peter Pan collars, cheerful colours, cat-eye framed glasses, and quirky patterns. These Wes Anderson-esque garments are a Spring essential for your wardrobe – allowing you to embrace kitschy, youthful and retro elements all whilst staying current and on trend.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. It’s 2013, and you just opened up Tumblr, reblogging sad quotes, screencaps of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days of Summer, and you’re taking pictures of your coffee, editing them with a grainy, retro Instagram filter over it.

The ‘hipster’ was on the rise, and the influence of Twee was everywhere – in movies, social media, and fashion. And now, over ten years later, the subculture has made a comeback, with young people reminiscing about the nostalgia and embracing a more off-kilter style.

But why is this trend making a comeback? Some of the credit should go to Coach’s SS22 collection, which incorporated bright, joyful colours, such as canary yellow and cerulean blue, with practical garments, including fabulous tweed jackets and voguish handbags. Along with collections similar to Coach’s, the revival of 2010s fashion could also be credited to the rise of second-hand shopping, with more than 100 million registered users on shopping apps Depop and Vinted. Trending searches on these apps, including ‘vintage’ and ‘y2k’, show an increased interest in retro garments.

Zooey Deschanel, an icon within the Twee subculture, posted a TikTok to one of her songs, Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? released in 2008, with the caption “I’d like to thank TikTok for teaching me what Twee means”.

The song itself has garnered over 16,000 videos under it, with influencers and teenagers showing off quirky accessories and outfits and celebrating the kooky nature of Twee.

Twee is the complete opposite of cool. It’s dorky, tacky and whimsical – the return of dressing ‘uncool’ and embracing individuality is back in style, and the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is out. Here at Shift, we are excited to see more Twee motifs within the fashion world and on social media.

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