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Modern life is full of advantages to make our life easier, books are no longer read, but listened to, and groceries are delivered to our front door. But somehow we seem to have less time than ever. It’s time to get organised. Leverage the technology and find way to elevate your days with useful information and thoughtful insights with a podcast. Here’s how to stitch these ready-made audio experiences into the seams of your life.

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The beauty of Podcasts is that it is possible to fit them into your life very easily, in addition, there’s such a variety and options to let you listen to the right one, at the right time. Podcasts on wellness, fashion, business, psychology, politics and more. There are plenty of options.

Now, we are going to create a daily plan with the situation of the day and the podcast that we recommend, so you will only have to choose which moment is yours. There are no more excuses in here.

Wake up

When you wake up you usually need calm and relaxation to start the day. Let’s be honest the last thing we need is an excessive flow of information. Here’s our recommendation: listen to a five minute guided meditation and some short affirmations to start the day with energy. Still feel stressed about losing five minutes to a podcast? Don’t be. Just listen in while you get dressed or brush your teeth. Try these:

  • The Yoga Bunny Podcast; Guided Short Meditations.
  •  Your World Within Podcast; Morning Motivations.

Perhaps you need to catch up with the news to hook in to the day. then get started with a three minute news digest:

  • The Times Podcast – Times News Briefing.


With work hours becoming so much more flexible, we prescribe a brief time-out mid morning to supercharge your synapses. Slip on your headphones and elevate the day with something a little more cerebral. It’s a learning moment. Take your pick from art, philosophy, business or wellbeing. But don’t forget the fashion:

  • Fashion: The Business of Fashion
  • Business/Economy: The Indicator Podcast
  • WellBeing/Health/Sociology: On Purpose by Jay Shetty
  • Art: Make Art Not Content Podcast
  • Philosophy: Philosophy Bites Podcast


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After work

You may have finished the working day, but you have house work, gyms to visit, movies to watch, studying to catch up on, social lives to enjoy on and dinners to cook, buy, deliver or eat. Plus that social feed won’t scroll through itself, right? Stop. Relax for thirty minutes or so and chill while you tune in.  Whether you catchit on the commute home or just go for a walk and get some fresh air, this is the time of day to decompress with something a bit more entertaining. Try one of the following suggestions.

  • Entertainment/social: Anything Goes With Emma Chamberlain
  • Business/Economy: Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques
  • WellBeing/Health/Sociology: The Goop Podcast or Hey Girl Podcast
  • Philosophy: Ted Talks Daily
  • Masculinity and Society: The Man Enough Podcast


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Neurologists and psychologists recommend not using your mobile, TV, or computer for at least one hour before going to bed.

Clinical psychologist Rosa Sorrosal says: “When we use screens before going to sleep, our brain is left with the visual overload due to the light and the charge of the magnetic waves of the electronic device. This makes our brain exert a pre-sleep exercise and prevents it from relaxing completely while you sleep.”

So, read a book before bed. Otherwise, we recommend:

  • The Get Sleepy Podcast.

You will find meditations, relaxing music, to have a deep sleep without having to check social networks until you fall asleep. Definitely a healthier option. In addition, it has been shown that these small changes in routine help you rest much better and in turn, wake up with more energy the next morning.

No more excuses

If something can be learned from this, it is that we always, always have moments to be able to do something as simple as listening to a podcast. The perfect moments are those transition moments when you are on your way to do something. These are the seams of your life – they are necessary, and they take up time but you can take advantage of it to do other things in between. Think about those 15-minute walks to the subway, or the ride in the subway or by car, also when you prepare to go out, perhaps getting dressed or taking a shower. Even when you cook.

The most fundamental thing is that there is a podcast for each type of person, tastes, hobbies, and believe it or not, there is also one for you. We got curious and asked on social media what were the types of podcasts our readers liked, and to our surprise, we discovered that mental health and wellbeing podcasts are the most successful, followed by fashion and then economics and business.

Whatever your preference, remember if you want to listen to a podcast and you still don’t, leave the excuses and get on with it.


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