Wealth whispers

As hype around HBO’s money-fest show Succession reaches fever pitch, it’s time to dig a little deeper into how the show’s costume department – and screenwriters – have articulated the wardrobes of the super, filthy, uber rich characters in the show’s central Roy family. 

Succession follows the plot of a billionaire dynasty with each child vying for the top stop of CEO of the family business Waystar Royco. With a dramatic plot line and the extreme opulence on show you’d think the wardrobe would follow suit. Not so. In this world of serious money, the show opted to dress the characters in more restrained way, avoiding designer logos and brash colours.


Within the opening episode of the fourth and final season we witness a scene that really hammers home how the wealthy view fashion. Two characters pass judgement on another character’s Burberry bag, with one of the characters hurling out the ridiculous insult that it looks “ludicrously capacious”. This is followed by a deeper cut: “What’s even in there? Flat shoes for the subway? Her lunch pail? It’s gargantuan. You could take it camping. You could slide it across the floor after a bank job.”

When a two-thousand-pound-plus high luxury bag is branded a tacky fashion choice, it is clear that the super rich have their own take.  Had the bag not evidently been a designer style with the Burberry logo smeared across it, they may not have paid it much attention.

The so-called elite are not, it seems, impressed by logos. If anything they evoke the opposite reaction. The more something screams designer the more the wealthy are against it. The bag signifies that she is not apart of that world, despite her conscious effort to try and fit in.

Each Roy child displays a different interpretation of the quiet luxury style. With them all working high up for an extremely successful business, its inevitable that they would follow dress codes for business attire, wearing clothing items like suits and shirts and ties, which they wouldn’t necessarily wear in a casual setting.

Shiv, being the only daughter of the family is slightly more daring with her outfits. Still most definitely following the Quiet Luxury approach as all characters do, she is seen to wear more patterns and a bigger range of colours verses the extremely muted pallet Kendall wears in the show.

Particular items of clothing that are favourite amongst the one percent according to the show would be trench coats, shirts, blazers. Sunglasses and caps are also staple accessories.

Back in real life the stars of the show have made a splash in high fashion with actor Kieran Culkin recently announced as the new brand ambassador for luxury brand Zegna.


So, what is quiet luxury? To try and explain it they dress in a sort of way where you compliment someone’s simple and put-together outfit only to go home and google it to have the shocking revelation that said outfit could probably pay for a couple months of your rent.

This is a world of ultra distinguished and discreet closer. Think Brioni, Zilli and Loro Piana – the sort of brands that only the wealthy can afford, and which rarely – if ever – display a logo. in this world, if you know, you know.

It mutters money, like a whispered recommendation for the one percenters. The more understated the better, typically opting for monochromatic tones.

So hasn’t real luxury always been quiet? While its true that quite luxury isn’t anything new or an entire new concept before Succession, the show has given us all a peek into a world of wealth many of us will never be surrounded by. It mimics the rich extremely well from behavioural traits to its realistic wardrobe.

If you are wanting to dress in a more muted wealthy manner, follow the code: real wealth whispers. So, if anyone is hanging around the one percenters any time soon, less is more, muted colours are your friend and definitely discard anything with a designer logo on it.

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