Accidentally Wes Anderson: The new exciting exhibition taking over London

An immersive Wes Anderson photography exhibition is coming to Kensington

If you like the charming aesthetic of beloved film director Wes Anderson intertwined with immersive experiences, get your tickets for the exhibition Accidentally Wes Anderson.

The exhibition will display over two hundred photographs of sights from around the world that depict Anderson’s pastel-hued style across seven movie-themed rooms. The exhibit will open on December 13 on Old Brompton Rd, South Kensington, having made its debut in Tokyo, Japan before exhibiting in Seoul, South Korea.

Accidentally Wes Anderson first gained traction as an Instagram account, amassing 1.8 million followers. Cinephiles have always admired Wes Anderson’s whimsical style and unique colour palette in the world of cinema. That being said, it comes as no surprise that he inspired photographers to submit their imagery to the AWA Instagram account.

One comment stood out on the Instagram via, @jamesandkarla stating that: “We can’t thank you enough for this amazing feature. You have shown us so much love and support and as fellow photographers whom we admire greatly, you also understand our mission of documenting these small shops which truly make each neighbourhood of New York City a unique and special place” 

Wally Koval, the founder of the exhibition and Instagram account, has created quite the community of film lovers and photographers. You’ll regularly see comments from photographers, such as James and Karla Murray, showing their utmost gratitude.

Koval is an author and Wes Anderson enthusiast with three Accidentally Wes Anderson (AWA) books under his belt. Alongside his wife, Amanda Koval, the Brooklyn-based duo started the AWA Instagram account in 2017 as a travel bucket list. They had no idea they would instead inspire an online community of photographers around the world. Not only does he display and credit the photographer’s work on Instagram but they also feature in his AWA books and the exhibition.

If beautifully curated, whimsical Wes Anderson-style photography captures your interest, this exhibition is one to check off your own bucket list.

For more information on purchasing tickets for this exhibition, visit the website.

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