AI Fashion Week launches in New York

AI Fashion Week was held in New York from April 20-21 2023. Despite some fashion fans’ concerns, AI Fashion Week is not as simple and clinical as asking a robot to make you a dress. The event is an opportunity for AI designers or traditional designers who have begun using AI to showcase their work as well as the advances of new technology.

The event functioned as a competition for those designers to submit their work, with three winning submission made into a real-life collection, which will go on sale – with help from etailer Revolve, which was also a major sponsor for the event. The judging panel included makeup artist Pat McGrath, and viewers were also allowed to vote in the first round.

Yemi Faleti founder of Videre Design Lab, which showed at the Fashion Week, said: “My experience at AI Fashion Week was exceptional. It made me happy to see creative minds from all around the world connect around a common theme, and share ideas with each other on how we can use these tools to develop projects of more impact.”

Similarly, AI artist Irene Granero told Shift that their experience at AI Fashion Week was: “Challenging and rewarding…It was a collaborative effort, with the AI and I contributing together to produce a beautiful mix of creativity.”


Image courtesy of @unreal_appeal via Instagram

For many, AI’s presence within fashion will lead to a lack of human creative expression. However Granero says: “AI in fashion does not lead to a lack of creativity. It is essential to remember that AI is a tool that can assist designers in their creative process, but creativity comes from human ingenuity, emotion, and intuition. AI cannot replicate these qualities.” 

As the countdown to the winners announcement continues AI Fashion Week has announced its top 10 designers who have just missed out on the chance of their collections being created in real life. Keep your eyes peeled for the winners and the process of bringing their designs to life.


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