Corpsing Pictures exhibition now open

Corpsing Pictures, a new Gilbert & George exhibition opened this month at White Cube’s Mason’s Yard gallery in St James’s. Free to attend, and running until May 2, the unsettling exhibition is intended to provoke confusion and deep thought as the pictures’ meanings are considered. It also coincides with the launching of the same exhibition in the US White Cube in Florida.

An essay by Michael Bracewell, writer and novelist accompanies the art. He ruminates on the potential meanings and feelings one can take from the art as the visitor moves around the room. Bracewell describes the exhibition as the “most profoundly personal and confrontational pictures they have ever created”. He adds that the ambiguity, contradiction and enigma along with pathos and poignancy within the feelings of the viewer, is also displayed on the faces of Gilbert and George within the pictures.

Irene del Principe, press manager of White Cube, explains that White Cube, Mason’s Yard is one of various locations where the exhibition is held. She says, “Our current programme extends across locations in London, Hong Kong, Paris, New York, West Palm Beach and online.”

This exhibition co-exists with the recent showcasing of The Paradisical pictures at this month’s opening of the Gilbert & George centre exhibition in Heneage Street, Spitalfields. The duo founded a charity in 2017 to permanently house their works and legacy. The centre is also designed for research and scholarship of their art.

Del Principe says that Gilbert & George’s art inspiration is, “modern life, frequently addressing themes from social issues and taboos to artistic conventions. Their vision is raw realism, but it is also deeply romantic finding heightened or disturbed emotion in ordinary things”.

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