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Designer reseller holds private show

Style Exchange founder invites customers to her own home

The Style Exchange, a brand specializing in reselling vintage pre-loved items, including bags, shoes and clothes, is hosting a spring/summer sales event this upcoming weekend. Founded by Alison Quinn in the summer of 2018, the Style Exchange Company is set to invite a select group of its top customers to an event at Quinn’s London home.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own collection of high-quality designer items for sale, in addition to exploring and purchasing unique pieces available at the pop-up event. Upon arrival, Quinn says she will warmly welcome guests and provide a selection of bubbles, and snacks.

Quinn says: ”I’ve always found the beginning of summer is the perfect time for a pop up as it’s a great chance to meet new clients and everyone is always looking for a few new summer pieces. Something a bit different but at attainable prices.”

The sales event is set against a backdrop of increased interest in second hand shopping. This surge in pre-loved fashion sales plugs into a wider social focus on sustainability.

When visiting the event customers have the opportunity to snap up a designer piece at an affordable price, but they can also sell personal items with a 60% commission.

Quinn builds her client base through Instagram. At her pop ups she keeps her maximum number of clients at 20, allowing her to give everyone individual attention whilst help styling them. Previous shows have seen very healthy sales with an average spend of around £200 per head.

Quinn has focused on gathering purely Spring Summer items for this weekend, focussing largely on pre-loved beachwear, swimwear, sundresses and accessories. The items have to be in excellent quality and are all designer labels.

Quinn says: “We are all aware of the cost of living challenges we are currently facing but people still love to buy few new things for their Summer holidays. My clients seem to be more comfortable spending their money on pre-loved whilst hopefully making some money by selling some of their own pieces. I am very confident this will be the same this weekend.”.

She adds, “I have sourced some amazing items and cant wait to help people style their Summer 2023 looks.”

The opportunities are vast for a circular business model such as this. Clients benefit from both buying and selling as well as knowing they are playing their part in helping the environment, sustainability and minimising the footprint that fast fashion unfortunately leaves.

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