Fantastic Toiles launches final drop of 2023

Hosted in South London, the fashion collective releases its final offerings of 2023 after a series of bimonthly drops

Fantastic Toiles is a London-based fashion collective started by Nasir Mazhar. The Fashion East alumni and former LVMH Prize nominee founded Fantastic Toiles in 2019 after feeling limited by the traditional fashion calendar.

Composed of around thirty designers, the collective releases pop-ups every two months across the capital. The collective celebrates creatives working on their own schedules, and experimenting with different techniques and mediums to create one-off pieces. 

Image courtesy of Jana Nappert

Fantastic Toiles regularly rotates its venues, most recently holding its pop-up in Peckham at an unexpected address – a typical semi-detached house with an impressive studio space hidden in the garage.

There were offerings from twenty designers for this drop including Freyja Newsome (mvudslyde) who’s been showing since the beginning, recent Fashion East alumni Jawara Alleyne, and Mazhar himself.

Image courtesy of Jana Nappert

Shift spoke to jewellery designer Alexi Hunt (alexi.hunt_jewellery) who discovered Fantastic Toiles through designers like Newsome and Jonty K Mellmann. “This drop had the most ingenious use of mixed materials I have seen,” he says. “The textures were so exciting, I couldn’t help but feel everything first.”

As a small designer, Hunt understands the importance of collectives like Fantastic Toiles: “Showcasing your work in a collective always creates the most impact when you want to get your work out there. I had a great time exploring the rails of pieces that were not put online. These wearable art pieces are so tactile; you need to experience them in person.”

Image courtesy of Jana Nappert

If you missed out on this drop, you can check out what was available in their most recent offerings catalogue. For details on the next drop, make sure you follow Fantastic Toiles on Instagram to see all the updates.  

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