French boys in Nunhead

Two bandmates from Southern France perform at an open mic night in South London

Antoine Bay and Sam Soubeyrand, both from the southern French town of Montpellier headed to the capital this week to “fulfil their childhood dream,” of performing in London.

Indeed an open mic night in a South London pub was their first experience in front of a foreign audience, one they wished to present their French touch to.

“We see it like a challenge, but it’s one of our childhood dreams. However, we are worried about our accents, or that the public may not understand what we’re saying,” they apprehensively told Shift.

Both are in rock bands, with Sam a guitarist for Avalon Bloom, while Antoine is a singer and guitarist in Loons

At the end of the night, regular pub-goer Tristan jokingly admitted “they’re a bit more romantic than a regular English band.” As the pub erupted into dance and cheers, it is safe to say that the ‘French touch’ won over Skehan’s Pub, on Kitto Road.

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